What is Alexa And Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is an online system for checking the ranking the ranking of any website. The algorithms of Alexa tell the ranking of website on the basis of traffic. Alexa tells the ranking of previous three months after recording. The ranking of Alexa is based on page views.

Alexa first of all calculates the page views of a website first of all. If you want to know about the ranking of any website you can check from the Alexa. Alexa has also introduced Alexa tool bar for the benefits of its users. You can add it in any browser. With the help of tool bar you come to know about the ranking of website with it.

Many people think that if your site comes under 1 lac Alexa ranking then your traffic is considered as a good.

Alexa gives you the SEO info of your website. Alexa also tells you on which keyword your site is opening and how many back links are there.

The parent site of Alexa is amazon. Alexa was developed in 1996. It is totally free service and you don’t have to give any kind of fee. If you want to make the Alexa ranking of your site better than after installing Alexa too bar surf your site.

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