About Us

Assalam o Alaikum & Hello My All Readers.

Whyblooging.com is a platform where users gets fresh contents about.

1. Blogger.
2. WordPress.
3. SEO Techniques.
4. Earn Money Online.
5. Latest SEO Tools.
6. Internet Tips.
7. WordPress Plugin’s.
    And More More More ………

Who I am?

My name is Muhammad Moazzam Ali. I have been working in the field of internet since 2010. During this period, I have worked on many SEO projects and I have developed many websites. As a hobby, I have been doing the blogging. I have some personal websites as well, which are running very well. By these websites, I generate good income.

Of which fields I have knowledge ?

Web development.
Java script.
Affiliate Marketing.

Why I Developed This Website?

I have done many SEO projects for many people. These people are earning through their websites a lot. I thought why shouldn’t I develop my own website, on which I could tell the people, how they can start online business, and how they can get success in online business.

Who Can Get Benefit From This Website?

Those who want to start their online business or those who are not getting successful in online business because of any reason.

How many types of online business are there?

Those people who work on the project of SEO or those who want to do the SEO for their blog or website, the SEO articles for them are much useful. I have done the best from my side to share with you the exact and authentic information.