Top Five URL Shortener Websites to make You Rich!

Earning money while sitting at home is something very common these days and a lot of credit has been given to the platforms that are providing these opportunities to numerous jobless people or the ones in the phase of studying. You may come across several ways out of which you may earn a lot online like freelancing, YouTube videos, Adsense and much more, however, another interesting field offering people a nice chunk of regular income is the Shortener Websites.

In reality, these websites actually enable you to create a link, shorten it and share it at numerous pages all over the internet and over a single click of the users you will be paid. Now, how much earning you may expect out of the shorten link is something that will depend upon the visitors of that particular page, the more are the visitors clicking the link the higher will be the payout to you. However, the top five websites used these days by people to earn some handsome amount of money on a regular basis are being provided below and using them will help you generate money as well.

  1. ADF.LY


ADF.LY is the most commonly used link shortening website these days and allows you to generate about $4 per 1000 visitors or the clickers. You may simply register an account at the ADF.LY and as soon as you start sharing your link and attracting traffic towards your link to click the link you will be paid for each click.



This platform has been created by some young internet jockeys that allow people to earn online by simply creating a few links. The entire platform is on the backend associated with the advertisements and links you create and once share lead to those advertisements over the click, over a single click a certain portion of money is being credited to your account and you are being paid.


linkbucks is also a successful and mostly used website offering people to earn some money online. A number of people have been making a lot of extra money every month out of this website and enjoying a great life. This website not only offers the link shortening earning opportunity to the people, in fact the CPA ads available as an online money earning option here allows people to make thousands of dollars in just one month. If your payout is about $10 each month you at anytime to withdraw money from your account. This is the safest and most trusted website for earning money.



Another very exciting platform that offers you to earn by way of link shortening is none other than the, this platform offers superb rates for the payment if you target a high volume of traffic and the payment options available are the PayPal and via Check payment.

  1. Adlockin

Adlockin is also a link shortening website that offers its users a huge amount per 1000 visitors as compared to the other platforms. Here you may make more than $5 over 1000 visitors for the clicks you get on your urls. The payment over this platform is being made weekly and offers a highly secure payment method.

All the platforms being provided for above are secure and the reliable ones and earning over them is entirely easy and guaranteed. So, get set today and start making a few extra bucks every week for your pocket money. It is an ideal job for all the students and housewives who need a home based job without making any investments.


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