Top 7 Killing Tips To Increase Google Page Rank

There are many algorithms of search engine which measure the page rank. These algorithms also calculate the link of your site. Google gives the ranking to any site from 1 to 10. Today I will tell you some tips by which you can increase the page rank.

High quality content

If you want to increase the page rank of your site then never take such content that is copyright. But use your own content. If you will use such data google will not only drop the ranking of your site but it may block your website. So ignore the copyright content as much as you can.

Guest posting

Guest posting is very essential for improving the backlink. There are many sites which provide you the facility of guest posting. You can post the guest by writing articles in such sites. These sites permit you to sharing the links in the articles.

Daily updates

Google always give preference to those sites which are updated daily. If you will not work daily and will give gap in your work google then will not give ranking to your site. So work little but work on daily basis.

Don’t use illegal traffic source

Never try to get traffic from an illegal source. The websites which increase the traffic illegally, google algorithm catches such sites very quickly. So avoid these illegal sites and try to get the traffic legally. The best way of getting the traffic legally is SEO.

Online forum posting

You can get good ranking by joing the online forum posting. There are many high rank online forums that provide you free online forum account. You can cooment on these forums on any topic. Many people came to know about your website by forums.

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