Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugins For Better Ranking

If you are running a wordpress website, then without the SEO plugin’s, you cannot improve SEO of your site. There are many free SEO plugins in the market. By using them, you can improve the ranking of you website. I will inform you about 5 SEO out of these. By them, you can easily do the SEO.

When I started writing this article, I saw that many people on the internet has written such articles. Like “Top 20 SEO plugins for wordpress” or “30 free SEO plugins for wordpress”. So I thought why shouldn’t I inform you about the 5 such SEO plugins, which are enough for SEO of any wordpress site. Because the less you will use plugins in your website, your site will be loaded more fast.

Anyhow below is given a detail of 5 wordpress SEO plugins. Whichever you find better, you can use it and improve the SEO of your site.

Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugins.

1. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

It is the best SEO plugin, by using it, you can do the complete SEO of your , site. This plugin is freely available. By using this plugin, you can not only optimize the meta-tag of post or page, but you can optimize the meta-tag of category. Because of this plugin, you can also generate the site map.

Important Feature of Yoast wordpress plugin.

1.Optimizes post title and meta description.
2.Robots meta configuration.
3.Permalink clean up.
4.Generates site map.
5.Optimizes robots.txt and  .htaccess.
6.Cleanup head section.

2. Broken link Checker plugin.

With the help of this plugin, you can check the broken links of your wordpress site. This plugin checks the posts, comments and pages, if there is any broken link or if any image is missing. If it is so, it notifies you.

You may be familiar about this, that because of broken link, your ranking is dropped. So you can check the broken links with the help of this plugin.

Some features of broken link Checker.

1.Monitors link in your post, page, comment and custom field.
2.Detect links that don’t work, missing images and redirect
3.Prevent search engine from following broken links.

3. SEO Friendly Images.

With the help of this plugin, you can optimize the images of your wordpress site. This plugin automatically adds alt and title tags in the images. Optimizing the image, you can also increase the ranking and traffic.

Google search engine cannot read the images. That’s why we optimize the images. So that search engine can read our images. And we can get the traffic from the search engine.

4. Google XML Sitemap.

With the help of this plugin, you can generate the site map of your site. Site map plays an important role in SEO. Because of site map, search engine can easily crawl your site. By using Goolge XML site map wordpress plugin, you can include or exclude any URL.

5. Wp total cache.

Site load time has very important role in SEO. If the load time of your site is low, then search engine will give more preferences to your site. With the help of WP total cache plugin, you can decrease the load time of your site. Because this plugin caches the  static files of your site. Like images, css files, java script etc.

Some Important feature of WP cache.

1.Capble with share hosting and vps-dedicated server.
2.Mobile support.
3.Caches pages and post.
4.Caches css and java script files.


I hope this article will benefit you. With the help of these plugins, the on page SEO of your site will get better. If you are familiar with another plugin, then you should inform us about your view by giving comments below or by facebook.

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