Some Tips To Make Your Blogpost SEO Friendly

There are many rules of search engine optimization. We have to follow these rules. Google is the most popular search engine, which is used a lot nowadays. Google brings only SEO friendly blogs at the top. In this article, I will tell you how you can make your post SEO friendly.

Create Original Content:

Search engine filters your post. If your post is similar to someone else, then search engine catches it. You should make it sure that the post of your blog should not be similar to any other post. If you want to write on a topic, then search about this topic thoroughly. Never copy the material from any other site. Post less but it should be unique.

Use keywords in the body of content

Keep the keyword in your mind before writing the post. If you want to make your post SEO friendly, you should use keyword at the beginning and end of the post. Don’t over use the keyword. It can become dangerous for SEO.

Make URL SEO Friendly:

Many people think that URL doesn’t have any effect on SEO. But this idea is totally wrong. URL has a very deep impact on SEO. For the better result of SEO, ignore the dynamic URLs. Always use URL static. Your keywords are included in the static URL. Because of static URL your SEO gets better.

Optimize Your Image:

Always optimize your image. Use all tags in the images. By google image search, you can bring many users. With the help of image, your post gets attractive.

Describe Meta Description:

Meta description should be short and attractive. Because a user sees the description after the title. Bold the keywords which are in the meta description. Do write meta description, because of it your SEO gets better. Meta description should be less than 150 words. It should be releveant to your post.

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