Techniques to Grab Traffic on Old Posts

The website makers usually boost their old posts when the website is new; once a certain passage of time has passed the content is almost trashed. These posts have been made out of spending a lot of time and money and to make a handsome turnout you need to keep them alive. There are several things one may do in order to make the old content alive back again a few of these techniques are provided below:


Make the Most of Social Media

Sharing old post on social media may of much help; many people on social media tend to click different articles in order to get some news and information. Therefore sharing these articles on social media may help you draw a lot of traffic within no time towards your website. This will enhance your website’s position and also your website rankings which is a must.

Relate Content2

Relating content is also a kind of activity which may be considered as a perfect choice. This comprises of leaving a few links to your old posts at the end of every article so that the readers may move towards them as well. Make sure all your posts are rich in fruitful content; moreover, are filled with catchy titles which may make people dragged immediately towards your content.

Replace 404 Page with Posts

Instead of making the usual 404 page to appear on the screens when website has some technical glitches, add old and interesting posts instead this will keep your website associate with engaged readers. Moreover this way your old posts will be easily available to come across the visitors in a different way.

Create Inter Links among Articles

Since people who create websites have a huge amount of content lined up in the form of different articles. In this case, interlinking the articles also work wonders, picking out different parts of sentences in your article and then adding the related content within it will make you have the traffic diverted within your website only.


Working on Search Bar

Search bar of the usual WordPress has been restricted to usage; however, incorporating other search options like Google search bar may improve the search process. This way people may search different posts on your website and at the same time may also move towards different post present on your page.

Old articles are always the assets of websites and you may make the most them till you have them on your website, so rather than just throwing them away keep making them cross your visitors mind every now and then.

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