How to Target Specific Country for Better Ranking

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Many websites are developed in a day. The aim of them is to do online business, either they sell their own products or the products of others. But for promoting their business, they are in need of customers. It does not matter, the customer is from which country.

But sometimes, for some situations, you have to target only a specific country. For example, you are giving such services or products, which are required only in Germany. In this situation, you have to target only Germany, so that the ranking of your site in this country should be better, and you can do your business at a large scale. I will tell you two things, by which you can target a specific country.

Target Using Domain Extension.

If you want to target a specific country, then you can target that country by purchasing country code top level domain. For example, if you want to target Newzealand, then you by getting the domain of or, you can target this country.

Target Using Google Web Master Tool.

 If you don’t want to use domain extension, then by using google web master, you can also target a country.

Step # 1.  Login to webmaster tool.
Step # 2.  Select the domain, on which you want to target a country.
Step # 3.  Then click Search traffic > International targeting.

 international targeting

Step # 4. Click on Country Tab and Select Country.

you can target a specific country

Step # 5. Click save.


By using any one of these two method, you can target a specific country. It will help you in getting the ranking of that country. I hope this article will benefit you.

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