How to Start a Blog – SEO & Start Making Over 1000$ – Ultimate Guide

To make some decent income online is dream of many of us like me, but they failed because lake of knowledge, they are very confused how they can do that and reach his destination. There are various good tutorials and articles available where experts describe very well, about how you can start a blog, how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can earn from them; however, it is very hardly to find a complete step by step guide on it. For those reasons, I am going to write a complete solution in detail as much as possible.

I am pretty sure this guide will help you to establish your own blogging business, which will be very helpful for you. I know personally many blog owners whose are earning more than 10,000 $ a month from their blogs. To start a blog & Making money through this process is not the rocket science even everybody can do it very easily.

Note: For success read all lines of article very carefully.

Top 10 bloggers & their Income

Site Url Google Page Rank Alexa Rank  Monthly Income 8 160

$2,500,000 per/month 0 480

$800,000 per/month 0 533

$600,000 per/month 7 4084

$450,000 per/month 8 558

$300,000 per/month 5 29856

$200,000 per/month 0 3430

$190,000 per/month 5 29551

$150,000 per/month 5 52564

$150,000 per/month 7 646

$110,000 per/month


Who get benefit from this Guide?

  1. Helpful – for those who even not know, what is blogging, wordpress, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how to monetize blog with affiliate offers or through CPC Networks (Google Adsense, etc) to earn unpredictable income.
  2.  Helpful – for beginners who would like to start blogging.
  3.  Helpful – for those who want to start their own blogging business?
  4.  Helpful – for those who aim to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their existing blogs.
  5.  Helpful – for those who want to know affiliate marketing.

Let start the journey…

This guide consists of 12 Steps.

  1. What is blogger and wordpress?
  2.  Which is the best platform, blogger or wordpress?
  3.  How to start a blog on wordpress?
  4. How to choose Your Blog Topic/niche?
  5. Which is the best Hosting?
  6. Setting up hosting and install wordpress on it (Step by step) in detail.
  7.  Install recommended SEO plug-in and their configuration (On-page SEO).
  8. Off-page SEO (Creating back links, sitemap etc) in detail.
  9.  How to apply for Google Adsense account – step by step guide
  10. Best Affiliate Networks and how to place Affiliate offers on blog.
  11.  How to earn over 1000$, conclusions?
  12. Free services of over 100$ for you?

Step 1. What is blogger and wordpress?

Blogger is a free platform provided by Google to create free blog on it. It was developed by Pyra Lab in 2003. Blogger Blogs are hosted on sub domain of, for example you want to create blog named on blogger then your Url will be instead of Yes, you can buy custom domain too and add it in future. There are millions of blogs which are hosted on blogger so far; from this figure we can easily guess that how much the scope of blogging.

WordPress is another free CMS (Content Management System) used to create blogs. It was also released on 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. More than 75 million sites are running on wordpress. Many popular business sites are also created by using wordpress, which are Toyota Motors Brasil, Microsoft News, Aqua Hotels and Resorts, Tribune Media Group, Sony Music, Facebook Newsroom, The New York Times etc so, wordpress is a great platform to create a blog and establish your blogging business easily.

Step 2.  Which is the best platform, blogger or wordpress?

There are uncountable articles written on this topic, some experts said that blogger is the best, on the other hand many experts force to use wordpress instead of blogger with several reasons. In my opinion and personal experience I want to tell you to use wordpress, I will not going to differentiate of these two platforms deeply, but I only say that in wordpress you have a lot of freedom, more control and more options to create professional blog as compare to blogger.

Step 3. How to start a blog on wordpress?

To start a blog on wordpress, firstly you have topic/niche on your mind, topic must be that on which you have a good knowledge to write articles on it, if you have not able to write due to lack of knowledge or weak in writing English, then don’t worry, there are many online articles writing services and writers available, you can search on Google or on different facebook Groups, But it is quite good to write yourself. In next section I describe how to select blog topic/niche. Secondly you must have good hosting. Why? Detail discussion in hosting section. And last thing is how to install wordpress on hosting, step by step guide in “setup wordpress section”.

Step 4. How to choose Your Blog Topic/niche?

Selection of blog topic/niche is very difficult for those who are beginners because they are very confused to understand, is my idea perfect? It does not matter what topic is, in my opinion every topics/niches are fine, but only think you have in your mind while selecting the topic/niche, that how many people search on that topic/niche and how many number of users you can easily bring on your blog.

For example, I want to create blog on “Affiliate Marketing”. It is better to check at-least 10 keywords related to affiliate marketing.  And write articles on these keywords later. So how you can check and select the right keywords? Google provides a free tool for keywords research named Google Keyword Planner.

1. Goto, and login by using Gmail ID.

2. After login, click the “Tool” Tab and then select “Keyword Planner”.

keyword-planner tool

3. Then select “Get Search Volume data and trends”.


4. Enter your keywords related to your topic/niche, in my case it is “Affiliate Marketing” and keywords are Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate marketing guide, top affiliate marketing sites,  affiliate marketing tips, how to do affiliate marketing, best affiliate marketing tools,  affiliate marketing tutorials,  affiliate marketing strategies, affiliate marketing with facebook,  affiliate marketing articles”, and then click “Get Search Volume”.

new keywords ideas

5. Now you can see in image below that all search volume of my keywords are about 10,000 to 100,000 per month, which are good to write articles on these keywords. You definitely get up to 20,000 to 40,000 visitors easily on your blog. So, this is a good niche/topic to start a blog on it.

total search volume of keywords

Pro Tip: Always select those keywords which competition are “low or medium” and have high “Avg. monthly searches”.

Top 10 high paying niches for blog.

  1. Insurance.
  2. Health.
  3. Make Money Online.
  4. Technology.
  5. Blogging Tutorials.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  7. Web Development Related Niche.
  8. Forex Trading,
  9. Beauty Tips.
  10. Apps Listing (Android, iOS and Windows).

Step 5. Which is the best Hosting?

Which hosting is the best for my blog is very complicated question; those who are new in blogging. Every hosting company claim that they are the best, there are various articles written on that topic already. Some experts said BlueHost is the best, some are saying Hostgator is superfast and some others forced to used Hostmonster or Godaddy, after listening and reading all the ideas of experts,yes new comers got absolutely confused that which hosting service they should choose? To cut a long story short, I would say you can select any of one from these hosting services,all of these are super fast, cheap, reliable and most trusted hosting providing services.

Don’t buy hosting or domain from local dealers, because your blogging business are directly dependent on hosting, if your hosting is good and reliable then your blog will be super fast and that why viewers would love to visit your blog. So please stay away from local dealers and select hosting like Bluehost, hostgator etc, I use these hosting services for my blogs and also recommend these services to my clients.

Step 6. Setting up hosting and install wordpress on it (Step by step) in detail.

So, here is step by step guide about how you can buy hosting and setup your wordpress blog. Same process for other hosting (Hostgator, Hostmonster and Godaddy).

 BlueHost hosting and wordpress setup Guide.

1. Goto , and click on “Get Started Now”.

bluehost get started

2. Select your plan, there are three plans offer by Bluehost, Basic, Plus and Prime, I would suggest you to select Plus , because you can add more than one blog on it.

bluehost hosting plans

3. Now you enter your Domain Name, which is related to your topic/niche. In my case I add the-affiliate-marketing24 and then click “Next” button.


4. Now if the domain name available, then enter your Account Information, Package Information and Payment Information correctly. Be sure to uncheck Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, SiteLock Security – Find and Comodo PositiveSSL Bundle in Package Information section. Also select price period of 12 month from Account Plan.



5. Click Submit button to continue, you have done. Now time to install wordpress on hosting you purchased.

6. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.

7. Click on Hosting at the top and then click Cpanel.

bluehost-wordpress step up

8. Now you will need scroll down to website builder section, from here select Install WordPress.

bluehost-wordpress setup

9. Here you simply click the Install Button.

10. On the next screen, select your domain from the drop down menu, here you can see two domains with same name one with www and other without www, so I recommended to select domain start with www.

bluehost-wordpress setup

11. If necessary, you can edit your email address, username and password for the new WordPress installation. Click “advanced options” and change those settings. And press “Install Now” Button.

bluehost-wordpress setup guide

12. It will take some seconds, and email regarding to your login information will sent after installation, by using these information now you are able to enter wordpress dashboard.

13. Congratulation you are done.

Step 7. Install recommended plug-in and their configuration (On-page SEO).

Now the blog is ready, here is the time to setup recommended plug-ins which boosts ranking and performance of your blog. Install only plug-ins which I suggest, don’t install plug-ins which is not necessary, because it will increase blog load time, which is not a good sign.

1. Install Yoast SEO Plug-in.

  • Login to your blog dashboard.
  • Go to Plug-in and then select Add New.

Install wordpress plugin

  • Search “Yoast SEO” in the search bar and click Install Now.

install wordpress yoast seo plugin

  • Click on Active button to continue.

wordpress plugin installation tutorial

  • Now go to “SEO” and then select “Titles & Metas” after selecting HomePage beside the General tab enter blog Title and Description here (Title should be between 60 to 120 characters Max, Description 165 to 240 Max).

wordpress plugin

There are many others option too in this plug-in, but it is fine as it is, no need to worry about it.

2. Install “Contact Us Form” plug-in, it helps you to add contact form in blog contact us page.

  • Follow the same steps, go to Plugins->Add New and search “contact us form” in search bar at top right. Install and activate it.

Install wordpress contact us plugin

  • Go to setting -> and select contact us form.

wordpress contact us plugin

  • Now you can see the short-code” [CONTACT US-FORM]add this short-code at where you want to display contact form (especially in contact us page).

3. Some others essential setting before proceed.

  • When you install new wordpress blog, then there is one sample Post & Page in it. You should delete it.
  • Go to Pages->All Pages and click trash.


  • Same process for deleting sample post, go to Posts->All Posts and trash
  • Disable user’s registration, it is always better to disable user’s registration to save the blog from spamming posts. If it necessary to add more than one user, do it manually by creating Write For Us Page. Go to Settings->General and un-checked the user registration field.

wordpress disable user registration.

  • The default permalink is not search engine friendly, URL is now very important part of search engine optimization. You can easily change it by going to Settings->Permalinks and select Post name radio button.

wordpress permalinks setting

Now, the blog is ready to use, it’s time to write at-least 20 – 40 posts on it, in my case I write 25 posts on “Affiliate Marketing”, you write on your topic/niche whatever it is, but don’t copy from others, write themselves or hire content writer.

For more detail: Essential Considerations for Writing Search Engine Friendly Post.

Step 8. Off-page SEO (Creating back links, sitemap etc) in detail.

Back-links act like a game changer, if the blog get high PR (page rank) back links than it increases the chances blog to get top ranking in major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In earlier 2010, which blogs or websites have more links, those blogs got better ranking in search engine, however the rules have totally changed by the search engine, and now quality of back-links matter rather than quantity of back links.

I am not going to cover advance techniques for getting back links, because this post is for beginners and for those who want to start their own blogging business. Advance techniques like PBN (Personal blog Network) or guest posting on high authority website is very costly, most of us do not afford it, I am not discouraging those who use these techniques, but here I wil not discuss those, I am only here to show you easy and free way to get back-links from high authority sites.

1.Get back-links from social bookmarking sites.

Here is the list of 100 high PR do-follow social bookmarking sites, create account on each site and share blog link on it.

2. Get back-links from Directories submission sites.

Grabbling back-links from directories submission is also an easy way to get High PR back-links, now the only think you will need to do is to create account on all are given sites, fill the information and that’s it, it will take up to 4 months for approval. Here is the list of 100 PR 6 directories submission.

3. Get back-links from online forums.

There are many forums available on every topic; you can easily search forums according to the blog niche. List of 50 plus high PR (Page Rank) forums, it may also help you.

4. Get back-links for doing blog comments.

There is another great way to build back-links from high authority sites. You can search sites related to your niche/topic, post comment in the comment field below the post, if the site owner allows posting comments.

5. Get back-links from video sharing websites.

Here is another easy way for building quality links, getting back-links from video sharing sites is so easy, you simply create video about related to the blog niche, it may be any tip, tutorial, product review etc, upload the video on al-least 5 video sharing site and don’t forget to add blog Url in the description.

Top Video Sharing Sites are:

Share your video on these free video sharing sites. Here are the 5 easy and great ways to build back-links for the blog.

Step 9. How to apply for Google Adsense account – step by step guide.

Google adsense is a great source of income for many bloggers, especially countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan etc.  Google Adsense pay an estimate of 2.6 billion dollars to their publishers, so it is cool way to earn from adsense, I can imagine that you will have been followed all steps given above, now you have blog with 20 – 40 unique posts, have good hosting, and also build back-links from sites I describe in step 8, one more think before applying for adsense, your blog must have About Us page, Contact Us page and privacy policy page, check my site ( as a example.

1.Create new Gmail id, which is also mention in your contact us blog page.

2. Open in the browser.

3. Click SIGN UP NOW button and continue to next step.

adsesne-signup guide

4. Here you have to choose to sign up for new Gmail account or enter existing gmail id and password.

Google adsense sign up tutorial

5. In this step enter your blog URL and select blog language and click Save and Continue.

adsense signup guide

6. Now add your Name , address and other information’s very carefully, your name must be same as display on your National Id card # or on your bank account, address and postal code should be correct also.

Adsense verification Pin will have been send by post on address you entered after earning 10$, and payment will be issued on your name or sent by check when earning reach the threshold of 100$.

adsense signup guide

7. Here you select the Adsense Email Preferences according to the need, and click the button “Submit my Application”.

adsense-signup final step

Last Important Step. Now Google Adsense approve account in two step, after submitting the application to Google Adsense,  you will receive first mail from adsense within 24-48 hours, in this mail they will say, login to adsense account create ad, and paste ad on your blog for approval.

Now login to your adsense account, go to My Ad tab and create New ad unit.

adsesne ad code guide

Enter Name of ad unit, select ad size, there are various sizes available and also have option to style your ad, but I do not recommend to create custom ad style, click save and get code.

adsense-signup guide

Place ad code on the blog, login to the blog dashboard, go to Appearance->widgets.

how to place adsense ad code in wordpress widget

Place the code in the text widget and save it, you see the blank space instead of ad, because google adsense take 7 to 14 days for approval process, once the Google approved account, ad will show up there, and now your earning will be started.

Step 10.  Best Affiliate Networks and how to place Affiliate offers on blog.

When you want to earn huge amount of income from blogging, then first think come in to the mind is affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketers earn unpredictable income from affiliate, some time we got shocked that how they can do that and how they earn more than 100,000$ per month. The answer is very sample; they are doing affiliate marketing in right way.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Selling others products or services by advertising them on your blog is known as affiliate marketing, there are some other ways too for doing affiliate marketing, but here I only discuss, how you can do affiliate marketing on your blog. Let’s take example, a company offers a product of 100$ to their customers, they also have an affiliate program, in which it offers 50% commission to them who sell their product. So, whenever you will sell any product, you receive 50$ commission, hope now you can understand.

Best Affiliate Networks/Programs.

There are uncountable affiliate programs available online; here I am not going to discuss each and every network but I only show you top 5 high paying affiliate programs. By using any one from these networks, you can easily earn decent income by advertising their services or products on the blog. Keep in mind only advertise affiliate offers related to the blog niche otherwise it will not work.

For example, my blog is related to blogging, so if I want to earn from the affiliate programs then i should advertise offers related to blogging.

Top 5 high paying affiliate program.

  1. ShareASale (Pay Per Sale)
  2. ClickBank (Pay Per Sale)
  3. Commission Junction.
  4. (Pay Per Lead)
  5. eBay Partner Network.

So, here I only show you a step by step guide to place commission junction offers to your blog, because I personally use commission junction, it works great especially when a large number of blog traffic is coming from Asian countries, you can use any one of 5 networks mention above, but I suggest to use commission junction. Watch the video, in which my team member describes, how to sign up and place offers in the blog.

Step 11.  How to earn over 1000$.

By following the step # 9 & step # 10, you can easily make over 1000$ income from the blog, Let take an example, you have blog which is taking traffic of almost 15 to 30 thousand visitors per month, then you can earn 100 to 250 $ from Google Adsense, it may vary depend on the blog niche, you already read in step # 4, which are the top high paying blog niches/topics.

And second income source is affiliate program, normally you earn 20 to 100$ per sale from affiliate marketing, so let say, you advertise an offer which pay 40$ on per sale to marketers, and you make only 20 sales per month, I am not saying 100 or 500 sales per month which good marketers normally achieve, but at this stage you are not a good marketer and sold only 20 products per month, commission per product is 40$, 40*20 =  800$ commission you can easily earn.

Step 12. Free services of over 100$ for you.

This offer is for those who cannot understand how to start a blog, because they are not able to understand technical things which are described in this post, if you are one of them, don’t worry I will help and guide you.

What I need from you?

You only need to purchase hosting from Bluehost, hostgator, Hostmonster or from Godaddy and then provides me Cpanel Login Detail.

What types of free services I will provide?

  1. Install wordpress on your hosting.
  2. WordPress plug-in’s installation and configuration.
  3. Essential setting of wordpress after installation.
  4. Upload and edit custom theme according to the need.
  5. Design beautiful logo for your blog.
  6. Add about us, privacy policy and contact us page in your blog.

contact me

So, these are some services I provide free of cost, it will definitely help to establish your own blogging business.


Success in blogging business in not rocket science, I know personally some peoples who are not related to the field I.T (Information Technology), some belong from business community and some from electronic, engineering and others fields, they read articles from others sites or blog and describe them in their own words, but one think is common, they all have great writing skills, they explain in the way that the readers love to read their posts. I already describe, you can hire some writer or contact me I will provide you quality content in cheap rate, if you are not good at writing. But I recommend you to write yourself.

Hope this guide will help you to understand, what is blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing? I tried to cover the entire think in detail as much as possible, so if you have any problem or queries contact me on my Skype id : seo.supports.