Some Tips You Want To Know About Keywords

In this article I will tell you how keywords have effects on your website. Keywords play an important role in increasing the ranking of any website. Keyword is an important factor of SEO.

Keywords are those queries that are searched in the search engine. Before optimizing the keywords of any website it is necessary to know the competition of any website. First of all you select the list of keyword and the optimize them. Make this thing sure that the keywords should be related to the content of your website.

Always ignore long tail keywords. Don’t use any irrelevant keywords because they are responsible for lowering the rank of the site. Always use keyword of one and two words.

If the name of your keyword comes in the name of your website then your site is searched a lot. Because search engine first of all searches the keyword in the domain name.

If you write ‘pdf book’ in the google then google first of all bring the pdf at the first.

Google wonders wheel

It is an online tool by which you can search the keyword. This is a good and very widely used tool. Your keyword should be such that it should guide you about your content. Keyword should be such that they should tell something about the nature of your website.

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