Significance of Submitting Post to Article Directories

Writing is an art which is possessed by a few people only and when they implement this in their work they end up being successful leaps and bounds. However, these days the demand for the good writers is at peak, however, the people who write and run their own blogs must also analyze its importance. Among other matters the need to make your blog viral and to attain a renowned position, traffic and page rank ones needs to work hard. To attain this page rank and traffic to be grabbed towards your blog, you must move towards submitting your post to the article directories.

grab traffic towards your blogs

Reasons of Submissions

The major reason for which people make the use of the article directories is to make the page rank improved. Everyone needs the 5 plus page rank but how many of them do actually work for it. Unless you do not consider this tactic you might not be able to gain popularity and page rank.  These directors by way of your back links being submitted in the author box also allow you to grab traffic towards your blogs.

When it comes to making the submissions you must add your articles on more than one directories; however the directories which are linked together must be taken care of as you cannot post it again on the same platform. These directories work under a SYA account and to make the post you need to have that. This account is then considered to be the point of identification for your posts if it has been posted just once on each directory or more than that.

article with a backlink to your website

When it comes to making an SYA account the process is very simple and within a few steps you may enjoy having an account ideally. Moreover, once you get the account you just need to add your details and post your article with a backlink to your website.

List of the Directories

The most ideal choice of directories that you must use are provided below:

  • Internet Marketing News Watch – PR 3
  • Article Alley * – PR 4
  • Article Factory * – PR 4
  • WryteStuff * – PR 4
  • Article City – PR 5
  • Article Dashboard – PR 5
  • GoArticles * – PR 5
  • ArticlesBase * – PR 6
  • EzineArticles * – PR 6
  • The Free Library – PR 7

Directories with the asterisk sign are related to each other and so you must not submit the same article on each of them.

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