A Short Introduction of Google Adsense

There is hardly a region on this earth, where internet is unavailable. and hardly is any user, who is unaware of google adsense. the most famous search engine on internet is google. from the very beginning, google search engine brought a uniqueness and revolution in the things available on the internet. goole introduced the option of searching side by side g-mail. after this google introduced a new online service.

Why There is a Need of Online Advertisement.

From the very beginning, people are in need of advertising there products to a maximum number of people. for this purpose, newspapers, tv channels and different other sources are used. but when the trend of the world changed towards the internet, the advertising companies came to know the importance of online advertisement. they started giving their advertisements on the famous sites of the world. because of this, the websites started earning and they started selling their spaces for advertisements. you will be surprised to know that the only source of income for YAHOO is advertisements. it display the advertisements on the mail box and on the websites.

But for the common site of a user, it was difficult to get space. but with the passage of time, the importance of internet advertisement started increasing, and google started getting different advertisements. in this situation, google started a new service, its name is adsense. adsense or adwords, actually are name of a same service. In adsense people display the ads on their sites and earn the money. but in adwords the advertising companies give their ads, and they are displayed on the site of adsense users site. google give the money to its user per click. advertiser companies give their ads to google, and goolge display the ads on your sites and then the visitors click on these ads. in this way google as well as a user gets commission.

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