How to Setup and Install Free CDN Service on Your WordPress Site

In this article, i will tell you about how to boost up the speed of wordpress site, using free CDN service. I will not inform you about CDN, instead i will tell the way of setting up CDN on your site.

Read Point # 4  What is CDN and how is it benefecial for your website ?

Step # 1  Sign up for Cloudflare.
Step # 2  After signing up, enter your website URL and click “add website” button.


Step # 3 Wait for a moment, till Cloudflare completes the scanning of your website. After this, click the button, “Continue Setup“.

cloudflare setup

Step # 4 Then check your DNS record, if it is well, then click the button “i have added all missing records continue“.

cloudflare stepup on wordpress

Step # 5  In this step, you have to choose the package of Cloudflare CDN. After choosing the free plan, click on the “Continue.

Step # 6 In this step, you have to replace the Nameserver of your doamin, with this Nameserver. If your domain is registered on Godaddy, then you can perform this task by selecting the domain, which you want to modify. if your domain is registered on another server, then you can search on the Google, how to change nameserver.

Step # 7  After updating your main server, click on this button “ i’ve update name server continue “. And your website will successfully be added on Cloudflare CDN server.

cloudflare CDN stepup on wordpress

Some Basic Configurations After Setting Cloudflare StepUp.

 1. Click on Cloudflare setting from dropdown menu. and then click on the performance Setting Tab, and come in the option of Auto Minify.

cloudflare wp setup

2.  Here you have to check the Check Boxes of CSS and JS. Because of this all files of your CSS and Js will minified.

cloudflare wordpress setup

 If you face any problem in these steps, then you can ask through facebook or by commenting. You can also search more about these steps on Google as well. I hope this article has benefited you.

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