Security Plug-ins Every WordPress User Must Have!

WordPress is nowadays a very commonly used platform by numerous people running their blogs and websites. However, since everything these days is at risk, similarly the risk of hacking and security issues over WordPress are also very common and taking relevant initiatives regarding it also proves something very important.

When it comes to keeping the WordPress at a secured position, there is a serious need to have the different security plug-ins installed as well. This way the protection of the platform is always a perfect one and the security is foolproof keeping the owner of the blog in a peaceful mind state. Different kinds of plug-ins are available in the context of security of WordPress of which a few common ones include the following:

iThemes Security

iThemes Security wordpress plugin

This plug-in is very commonly used and a successful security plug-in which is being used by a number of people every now and then. The rate of security offered by this plug-in is a higher one and it helps giving a perfect coverage with different features it possesses. This plug-in helps in keeping the login pages hidden and with this keeps a backup of your page and data as well. Being a smarter version of security, this plug-in helps keeping the vulnerable information very restricted as well.

All in One WPSecurity & Firewall

All in One WPSecurity & Firewall

All in One WPSecurity & Firewall is also a security plug-in more or less same as the iThemes security. This plug-in where protects your sensitive information. At the same time also provides for the backing up system. Another very impressive factor of this plug-in is the capability of offering a clear meter which rates the security of your website so that you may accordingly strengthen it as per your feasibility.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security wordpress plugin

This plug-in is a mind-blowing choice of security which must be considered by every WordPress user since it is a very high profile and feature oriented plug-in used by a number of WordPress users. This plug-in keeps a complete track record of the entire details of the login and usage activities and the users may at any time take a look at the activity log. Other than this the plug-in also provides for a backup which may help you restore your entire WordPress website at anytime you want. Moreover, it keeps a track of any malware that might disturb your website so that it may get fixed on time.



This plug-in is very effective when it comes to identifying any security issue taking place on your website in regard to the hacking attempt in a very simple way. This plug-in identifies any such login attempts made which go wrong and once the limit increases of these suspicious logins the IP address of that server is blocked to visit your WordPress website.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

This platform provides for a code which is only known by the website owner and once the password and user id is being used for the login purpose, the website also requires a code to be entered so that the relevant owners may only access to the website.

These plug-ins are always worth going for because they provide people a terrific way to keep their websites protected and preserved from all kinds of hacking activities.



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