Resolving Database Connection Error on WordPress

Resolving Database Connection Error on WordPress

When you run a website you definitely come across numerous technical matters as well and in this case looking at them might give you a tough time. Well, it is simply impossible to hire someone who could help you with the tiny errors and you must keep yourself equipped with the relevant knowledge in this context.

Below we have provided you with an easy guide which may help you resolve all those database connection issues you come across by way of using the WordPress. Once you get familiar with the guide you won’t need an expert and you will be in a position to do this on your own.


Reasons for the Error

When you encounter such errors in the case of the WordPress there are a few reasons which lead to a disruption, the common ones are:

  • Incorrect login details for MYSQL database
  • Corrupted WordPress Database
  • Server of MYSQL running down
  • Limited Permissions on the part of MYSQL user

However, when considering the above given reasons the solution to all your problems is provided below:


Incorrect login Details for MYSQL Database

In case, if the error of the incorrect login details for the MYSQL prompts, you must check if the details provided like the database name, name of database user, host and the database password is all correct. There must not be any mistake on the part of the database details neither a major one nor a minor one like a typo.

Corrupted WordPress Database

In case if you find an error of the corrupted database you need to repair it immediately, however, for this task you need to first add in your wp-config.php file this function “define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR, true);” once the function is being worked upon you need to visit this website and click the option of repair; “, within a few minutes the database will be repaired.


Server of MYSQL Running Down

In the case where the MYSQL server becomes unresponsive and the entire details being entered by you are correct then you must actually consider contacting your web hosting service provider and discuss the matter regarding the issue.

Limited Permissions on the Part of MYSQL User

In such case where you are provided with limited or no privileges you need to switch the old user with a new one. For this purpose in the first place you are required to delete the old user and once a new user has been created you also need to replace the details in the database as well in terms of new username.


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