What Are Rental Referral In PTC Sites?

What Are Rental Referral In PTC Sites?

The person who is registered with the referral link in the PTC site, he is termed as referral. There are two types of referral. Free referral and rental referral. Free referral is a referral which is signed up with your account directly. If you are not getting any success in getting free referral, then you can purchase the referral. Many websites give you the benefit of purchasing the rental.

You have to keep an eye on the performance of these rental referral. Because if a renatl referral is not working, then you can delist it. If your referral is working well, you can extend the time period of it. If you keep on getting good clicks from your rental referral, then you can earn much money in less time. The time period of rental referral is 1 month. You can extend this time. For getting the referral on rent, you have to keep some things in your mind.

  1. The quantity of rental referral depends on the membership of your account.
  1. For the earning of rental referral, you have to click the fixed ads.
  1. For clicking on the ads, make one time as it is better.
  1. If you keep on getting from the rental referral, the clicks, which you require, then you should extend their time.
  1. If your referral is not working, and it is dead, then you must change it.
  1. For changing the referral, some amount will be deducted from your account, so that you may get little loss.
  1. Many PTC sites provide games, by which you can also earn money.

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