Protect Your WordPress Website With All In One WP Security & Firewall

The greatest problem of today is of website security. Web owners have many fears about the web security. It is the desire of every web owner that his website should be free from virus and spam. Many web owners remain unsuccessful in securing there website. It is the thinking of most of the people that securing the website is a much bigger challenge. But in reality it is not so. Today I will tell such a WP plugin by which you can secure your website.

All In One WP Security & Firewall is the plugin which is used the most. This plugin provides security for user account, user registration and for data base. In this plugin the settings is labeled as basic, intermediate and advance. With these labels, you will easily understand the settings.

In this wordpress plugin, the setting page is available at the main. From the dashboard of the plugin, you come to know about the security status. In the general setting area you can view the files of wordpress. In this area the backup of your files is also available. The import and export of plugin also happens from this area. It has a benefit that you can transfer your setting from one website to another.

If your website has thousands of user account then with the help of this plugin you can have an eye on every account. This plugin guides you about the password also. Like it tells you about the length of the password by which your website will not be hacked. The greatest advantage of this plugin is that it scans your files. It also removes those files from which you have security threats. This plugin also scans the database table.

This plugin has a setting page with the name of miscellaneous. In this setting page you can make restrictions that no one could copy textdata from your website. All in one security plugin is a complete plugin. It protects your website from all attacks. This plugins has such features which you cannot find in any other plugin.

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