Places to Share Your Blog Posts

Numerous people are found to be sharing their blogs on the usual platforms like, the Facebook and Twitter, however, they tend to neglect the power of the other different platforms which are found to be available and are considered as a perfect traffic generator. Below we have suggested you different options which may make you work out of the box when it comes to your blogs.


SlideShare as the name suggests is based on the slides and turning your blog post in the form of slides may be a convenient choice to the readers and a perfect point of attraction too. This ends up increasing your blog’s traffic since people get a clear, to the point and concise view in the form of slides.


When we talk about we think of the visual effects, this has been a perfect form of presentation of the blog using the visual effects that comprises of the infographics and differed kinds of visual techniques to represent your entire content which makes it attractive looking for the readers.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has been the fastest growing platform these days which has helped numerous people in several ways, the technique to make the blogs posts on the LinkedIn helps circulating the post among the usual public out of the concrete circle that solely belongs to you.


Pinterest has been a widely used platform these days which has been much handy one too as an app which is found to be present in every other device. If you make your blog post equip with some pictures associated with the blog as this would be of much help in order to draw people.



Instagram has been a popular platform among the young generation these days and offers the higher version of the visual content, in this regard using this platform for the purpose of making your content viral may be a great idea.


Triberr as the name suggests refers to building tribes or you may call it communities which tend to attract the readers and helps building relationships with numerous people. This platform has been mostly used to generate a high amount of traffic as quickly as possible.


This platform is a social platform based on the searches that are carried out for the web pages over it, when you place your content over this platform and people start liking it you may develop the chances to make your page a viral one.

Google+ Communities

Google+ has been a renowned platform these days and has been used widely by a number of people; however, if you make the use of the communities present here on the platform you may make your content driven by a huge traffic.


BizSugar is all about small businesses and in case if you tend to write blogs associated with this niche you may find numerous readers here who are inclined towards the small business related content.

These platforms being free of cost are an add on for all those people who wish to drag more and more traffic towards their blogs and wish to make the most out of them.


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