Why people “use strict” in JavaScript Code and What is main Reason behind it?

Many programmers and developers have problem whenever they run a JavaScript code, normally the error is:

Problem at line 22 character 1: Missing “use strict” statement.

This is because some programmers do not use “use strict” in the code which causes the error. you can also add “use strict” if you face the same problem while running the code.

Why People add “use strict” in JavaScript?

JavaScript introduced a new feature in ECMAScript 5, which allow programmers to add a function or a program in a strict operating context. by doing this your function or a program prevent from more exceptions. You can simply enabled the strict mode by adding ” use strict ” at the top of the JavaScript file or in the function.

I strongly recommend JavaScript programmers to use strict mode ” use strict ” in the code, now almost all browsers supporting it because it help us to prevents from the errors which we do not know where it is in the code, so it is very helpful for programmers for write code in peace. Hope this would be help full for you.

Note: It is noted that strict mode available in Monzilla Firefox is different from ECMAScript 5’s strict mode.

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