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This is the question which every android developer want to know “How much i earn from the free & paid android Apps “. So earning is depend on the different factors like CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile) rate. Here i share some example what developer actually earn from his android App, I found it on the various site on the net and would like to share with you, hope this will help you that how you can actually earn from the App specially those who want to launch android application on Google Play Store.

Navaneeth Pk is a android developer, he launch a android app which is very simple “Video Down-loader App” and his app is downloaded by more then 1 millions people and their total revenue from the App is more then 14,000$ so far. Here is the image of admob stats of the App. last 8 months earning are more the 14.000$ you can see in the picture.


Rishabh Dugar is another android developer, basically he is student of engineering, his hobby is learning and developing android apps, Recently he launch a android app on the Google Play store named Root Checker which is now downloaded more the 100,000 times and his daily earning is around 5 to 10 dollar avg. 


Another android developer upload app on Google Play store named “Music Player” which is currently download more then 100,000 time, and generates revenue about 5 to 10 dollar per day by using Admob network.

music player android app

You can see the examples above and now you have an idea how much android developer actually earn from his android apps, you understand that there are many factors involved in earning like CPC, CPM, which counties you app are more downloaded, how many devices your app is currently install means Active Install. here i am discuss almost all facts and figure which involved.

A Android App downloaded 100,000 times – daily impressions are 100,000 and CPM rate is 1$ then earning is 100$ per day.
A Android App downloaded 100,000 times – daily clicks are 500 and CPC rate is 0.10$ then earning is 50$ per day.

Now you better understand it. On the other hand paid android app earning depend on number of App purchased. App of price 2$ and daily sale 50 Apps then your earning is 100$, it is not a rocket science to judge paid app earning. Still you have any kind of queries comment below, take care of your health and have a nice day.

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