Migrating a site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

So if you is running a blog on wordpress.com and want to move or migrate to wordpress.org then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will show you a two different ways of Migrating your site. Read both method before migrating and use those one who is easy, in my option first method is easy then second, but it your own choose.

Purchase good, reliable and fast Web Hosting before Migrating.

I honest say’s please purchase a good web Hosting for your site before migrating, many web hosting in the market who claim that he is providing a good webhosting, but after you buy hosting like (Hostmonster.com, iPage.com, justhost.com), and your site visitors goes above 1k to 3k per day, problem comes, your site is slow down due to this your SEO is effected badly and when you contact them, he only say’s that we are sorry about this, I solve your problem as soon as i can.

Hope you understand what i am saying. I share my personal experience with you, due to these poor web Hosting I loss almost 3000$ so far and some of my site SEO effected badly. So I personally suggest you to buy Hosting from Godaddy.com or Hostwarner.com. Both is good option for you.

Note: Hostwarner.com is reseller of godaddy, so he provides the same service in very cheap rate. Shared web hosting 3.99$ per month and .COM domain is only 8.99$ per Year.

Step 1: Exporting Data from wordpress.com.

First of all you export data from wordpress.com blog. How you can export data, follow the instruction given below.

Sign in to your wordpress.com blog and go to the dashboard, then click export option from tool menu.


After click on the export option. You see the new page where you can select the free tool for exporting. Now you are on the page where you can export data as you want. For downloading whole website select All Content Option, it includes your pages, posts, tags, categories, menus, custom option and image etc. Click Download Export file and save file on your PC, file extension is .xml.

export wordpress data

Step 2: Importing data into wordpress.org (Hosted Website).

After install wordpress.org on your hosting, the next steps are to import data. Go-to your wordpress.org blog dashboard. Click on Import option from Tool menu. On the next page you select the wordpress importer plug-in. Install and Activate the plug-in.


Once you install and activate the plug-in. Now you are able to upload your wordpress.com file, which you downloaded in the step 1 of this tutorial. Your file must be less the 32MB. If you file is greater the 32 MB, then there are many option are available. But not discuss in this tutorial.

When you start importing file, you have option to assigning old content to new user and also have an option to add all old attachments and images. So select that option which you need for it.

import data to wordpress .org

Final Step: Redirect old blog traffic to new blog using WordPress Site Redirection Add-on.

This step is very important according to SEO. If you not want to lose you old blog visitors and SEO, then this step is very helpful to you. For implementing this technique you need to buy a wordpress site redirection add-on which cost is around about 13$ per year, it offer 301 permanent redirect for your blog.

Go to your WordPress.com site dashboard, click on Store and now buy Site redirect add-on. After this you can add your new blog Domain name there (e.g your-new-blog.com).


Now you blog is successfully transfer , have any kindly of problem comment below … Allah Hafiz Take Care… have nice day.

Second Method Coming Soon………

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