How Many Types of Online Business are There

There are many types of online business, but in this article, i will tell you such types of online business, which a person can easily run, even sitting at home. any user, who is new in this field, and who wants to do online business, he should keep one thing in his mind, that there is no shortcut, on internet, by which you can earn alot in a fortnight. any website or any service, which claim that by using them, you will earn a 1000s of dollars, these services or websites are 100% fake & fraud. you should not waste your time and money.

I am working in the field of online business for 6 years. and on the basis of my experience, i am going to tell you some authentic ways of on-line earning.

  •  Affiliate marketing.
  • Selling Your Own Products.
  • Earning Through Google Adsense.
  • Selling Your Website Adspace.
  • Selling Domain Names.
  • Selling Websites.
  • Earning Through Article Writing.
  • Earning by Doing SEO.
  • Selling Web Hosting.
  • Earning PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks.
  • Earning Through CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) Networts.
  • Earning Through CPA (Cost Per Action) Networts.

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