Make 100$ A Day With Google Adsense

If you will act upon the policy of google, you can easily earn 100$ per day. It is the desire of every web owner to earn more and more. But many people remain unsuccessful in earning the money because they don’t have any proper guidance. Google adsense is one of the biggest way to earn the money. Adsense is a CPC programme which means that you will get money on every click. There are many ways by which you can earn more dollars within a day.

For earning 100$ daily, you have to act upon some rules.

Organic Traffic

If your website has organic traffic and your traffic is coming from the search engine, then google will give good click rate. Google always gives importance to those sites, who has traffic of search engine.

Display Ads Inside The Post

For earning through adsense, you have display ads at the centre of post. If you will display ads at the centre of the post, you will get more clicks. If the ad is displayed under the post title, it attracts to the user a lot.

Health Topics

The topics which are searched a lot in search engine are related to health. The CPC rate of health topics is also higher. Use such health topics which have greater traffic. On the internet the way of losing the weight is searched a lot. If you will select a topic related to the tips of losing the weight, then your traffic as well as your earning will increase.

Good SEO

For earning more money by adsense, you have to pay attention on the SEO. Because of SEO your ranking in the search engine will be better. Without SEO your traffic can never increase. For increasing the ranking of site, you have to pay attention on on page and off page. There are many online tools for SEO. By using these tools you can do the SEO yourself.

Social Media Sites

You can also increase the traffic by social media. There is a great trend of increasing the traffic by social media. There are many social media sites which allow you to share links. You can make the page of your website on social media sites. You can also use social media plugins on your sites.

Keyword Selection

For increasing the CPC of adsense you have to think about keyword selection. Use such keyword that are searched a lot. You can select keyword tool from google adword keyword tool. This is a free tool of google. Try to use keyword of low competition. Because of these keywords you can come at the first ranking of google.

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