LowFruits.io Keyword Tool – Find Long Tail Keywords (Easy GUIDE)

To rank in top of search engines, you should be targeting long tail keywords that have low competition. LowFruits.io keyword tool can help you. Getting these low competition long tail keywords looks daunting if you do not know what to do and how to do it with the right tools.

Most people only know how to use Google Keyword Planner (GKP), but it’s not the only keyword research tool available on the market.

LowFruits.io keyword tool is an alternative that lets you find long tail keywords with ease that Google Keyword Planner won’t show you. It also helps you get easy to rank keywords that Google Keyword Planner will never reveal.

Before we delve deeper, sign up for free for LowFruits.io Keyword Tool by clicking the button below.

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What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are long and specific keywords, they are 2 or 3+ words long. Example of long tail keywords is “organic vegetable gardening tips”.

Here, gardening is a short tail keyword or seed keyword while the complete search term is a long tail keyword. LowFruits io Keyword Tool will help you find low competition keywords which are easy to rank long tail keywords for your websites.

Focus on specific terms which are in high demand. Write amazing content based on those terms and you’ll get lots of traffic from search engines soon because long tail keywords often meet search intent.

Why long tail keywords are important for SEO?

Long tail keywords are important for SEO because they are specific and relevant to your target audience.

When you create content around long tail keywords, you are ensuring that your site is found by potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

By targeting long tail keywords, you are increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Additionally, long tail keywords are easier to rank for than traditional keywords. This is because they are not as crowded and are more specific to your target market.

Low competition long tail keywords that have lots of search intent are extremely valuable because they are much easier to rank for than competitive keywords.

Due to their lower volume you don’t need as many links to rank high on Google for these longer keywords.

In fact, if you spend hours looking for low competition keywords that are long tail keywords on Google then you will notice that there are very few competing pages when compared with high competition terms and phrases!

That’s why I use LowFruits io keyword finder tool to find long tail keywords with search intent.

How does LowFruits help you find easy to rank?

As a marketer, you know that you need to be on the lookout for long tail keyword opportunities. But how do you find them?

You can rely on search engines like Google or Yahoo by doing some manual research but it would cost a lot of time and sometimes it might not even work out.

The good news is LowFruits can help and you can try it out for free with no credit card!

LowFruits is a tool that allows you to search for long tail keyword opportunities based on a variety of factors. For example, you can search by keyword difficulty, competition, and monetization potential.

By using LowFruits, you can identify keywords that are both difficult to rank for and have high potential for generating traffic and revenue. By taking advantage of these keywords, you can increase your chances of ranking for your desired terms and earning a healthy return on investment.

Due to huge ranking power of long tail keywords, getting your business ranked on top for them means quick growth for your business.

As we all know that you are never going to be able to rank on top for your main keyword because there will always be competition.

But if you target a low competition long tail keyword then it is possible to get on top which could eventually increase your search traffic and bring more leads from organic search results.

LowFruits is an easy-to-use website niche finder tool which help users find low competition long tail keywords easily and quickly.

How much does LowFruits io keyword tool cost?

LowFruits is both PAYG or Pay As You Go module and subscription-based keyword research tool. The basic plan for the PAYG costs $25 and you get up to 2000 Credits.

A credit each is used to analyze the SERPs strength of one keyword. the Advance plan for PAYG costs $250 for 50,000 Credits.

For the subscription-based feature, the basic plan costs $29.90p/m or $249.00p/a with 3,000 credits for each month whiles the Premium subscription costs 79.90p/m or $749.00p/a with 10,000 credits each month.

The Subscripption-based service come with more features than the PAYG but the PAYG service is sufficient if you are just starting out.

Click here LowFruits to register and for free credits to try out the service with no credit card required.

Note: Credits cannot be rolled over to the next month.

What if I don’t like it after 30 days?

Well you can try LowFruits.io with the free credits they give you just for signing up. Although not enough, you can hit jackpot with those free credits if combined with other free keyword research methods and tools.

Truth however is you will love this tool once you try it out. It get addictive because you find keywords that are easy to rank in the search engines and if you have great content writing strategy in place, nothing can make you not like LowFruits.

If you still do not like LowFruits you can send an email to info@lowfruits.io.

Where do LowFruits io keyword tool gets their data from?

LowFruits sources data from Keyword Everywhere API, Google API and ClickStream Data. These keywords databases combined give LowFruits great data to work with.

LowFruits then uses its own processes to estimate search volumes. LowFruits also has allows you to use wildcards to get more long tail keywords.

You can search for keywords in 6 diffirent languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German and Italian. You can check it out yourself at LowFruits website.

Their tool also has an inbuilt 1st page SERPs analyzer that lets you see what the top pages are and also when you analyze the keywords.

This tells you which of those websites have a DA score less than the one you specified and whether there are weak spots you can easily take on the front page of the SERPs result.

How does LowFruits.io work?

Getting started is simple. This is what LowFruits say on their website

We analyze SERPs to find weak spots. Weak spots are either weak websites or forum responses that are ranking high (in the top 10 search results). This means that you can compete with them easily (and win).

We use DA (Domain Authority, Moz Metric) to find if a website is weak.
If you insert your website, we’ll look for websites that have a DA below or equal to yours.
Without your website, we’ll look for websites that have a DA below 20.

Source: https://lowfruits.io

Getting Started With LowFruits.io

First you will need to sign up if you do not have an account with LowFruits. Visit the website LowFruits.io. to get started. When the website loads, you will be greeted with this page.

long tail keywords using LowFruits

Click on the Get Started for Free Text Button at the top of the page (see red arrow in image above) which will take you to the registration page.

lowfruits keyword tool registration page

Enter the required details into the boxes. Choose your SEO experience by clicking to see the available options.

Once you have successfully entered your details and are certain everything is correct, click onregister

Or simply click on the Login with Google button and follow the prompt. Once you’ve successfully registered, you will be taken to a page with instructions on how to confirm your email. See image below.

lowfruits keyword tool registration confirmation page

Follow the steps on that page to verify your email so you can access the complete dashboard of the website. After verification of your email, your dashboard should be looking like the image below.

lowfruits keyword tool dashboard

Once you see this page, well done. You’ve successfully registered to start using and experiencing the power of LowFruits.

Using LowFruits.io Keyword Tool to find long tail keywords

Now that you’ve successfully signed up and logged in, lets get to work finding some long tail keywords that will help our websites rank. Using a random keyword, we will see how easy it is to find longtail keywords with this tool.

We will be using the seed keyword “lg sound bar”. To begin our keyword research, click on the Kwd. Finder button/text at the left side of your dashboard as shown with arrow in the image below.

lowfruits dashboard kw finder

Make sure you read the steps outline on the next page in order not to waste your credits on unprofitable keyword research.

You can search for unlimited keywords term for free but you are limited to 7 searches per day so let your searches count.

You have only 10 free credits to analyze 10 keywords in your free trial period so make good use of those opportunity.

LowFruits io Keywords Finder In Use

lowfruits keyword tool kwd finder page

Enter your keyword in the column for seed keyword, choose the country you are targeting, select language your seed keyword is in. As mentioned above, LowFruits currently supports only 6 different languages.

For advance settings such as entering your domain name to be use a guide to find keywords you can compete for, click on the Advance Options to see other options you can apply to your keywords search.

Hit the find keywords button. The next page will show you how many keywords was found using the search term and settings you provided.

Click the Access button to see the keywords found. From the keyword “lg sound bar” we searched, this keyword research tool has a total of 774 keywords variations.

Lowfruits long tail keywords result page

Clicking the access button will reveal to you the keyword lists. The next page also outlines how you can analyze the keywords found. Remember that 1 Keyword analyzed = 1 Credit.

On The LowFruits io Keywords List Page

Once you land on the keywords list page, click on the purple button at the top that says Fetch Volume.

lowfruits keyword tool keywords list

To make the most use of your credits, one tip to use is sort the keywords found by volume in descending order (i.e. from highest to smallest by clicking on Vol. in the cell heading .

After you sort your keywords list by volume, look for long tail keywords (higher number of words in a keyword, the more specific the search intent is and have low competitions).

LowFruits long tail keywords analysis tips

Analyzing Your LowFruits io Keywords

Select the keywords and click on the SERPs Ext. button in the black pop up that appears at the bottom of the page to analyze the selected keywords.

For the purpose of this post, I selected the keyword “lg sound bar how to pair subwoofer” to analyze.

Once you click on the SERPs Ext. button, you will be presented with a result that looks as shown in the image below.

LowFruits long tail keywords analyzed

From the result, analyzing the stat from right to left, the green fruit lowfruits green logo symbolsymbol  shows that there is at least one website with Domain Authority less than 20.

Hovering over the green fruit will show you the DA of the website, title of the article on that website and the position it sits at in the SERPs.

The green fruit indicates that with some amount of work, you can also rank on the first page of google with ease with that particular keyword.

The higher the number of green fruits the higher number of websites ranking with low DA. That means the higher your chances to also rank for that same keyword on Page 1 of the SERPs result.

To the right of the fruit indicates the total words count in the article on the website with low DA but ranking on the first page.

The next two symbols lowfruits feature snippet and video symbolsto the left of the words count show that feature snippet and videos appear in the SERPs. 

Note: Hovering around items on the page gives you a pop up giving you more information about the item.

For the basics, that’s all you will need to know about LowFruits and how it works.

In a subsequent post, I will go in-depth on all the options and features of LowFruits as shown on the keywords list page.

LowFruits vs Keyword Chef. Which is Best?

The is a recent buzz around the Keyword Chef keyword research tool. And many people are asking which is the best between LowFruits and Keyword Chef.

Truth is, I developed a liking for LowFruits once I picked it up and haven’t had enough time to test out Keyword Chef.

I will give some more attention to Keyword Chef in the coming days and write my honest opinion on same and give my judgment on which is best and beginner friendly.

I’ve seen some small SEO tools pop up in recent months that work great too. I will test and review them and show you whether they’re worth you time.

No need to sweat over which keyword tool to use. Start with LowFruits. Or better still pick one, learn how to use it to find niche ideas and keywords for your website content.


In summary, you can find long tail keywords easily with LowFruits.io by first signing up, verifying your email, logging into your dashboard. Click the Kwd. Finder button, enter your seed keyword, sort keywords by volume, select long tail keywords, click on the SERPs Ext. button to analyze the selected keywords. See what your chances of ranking for same keywords in the SERPS are.

If you’ve reached this point without signing up for LowFruits.io yet, click this button lowfruits register button to try the tool for FREE.

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