Increasing Adsense Earning By Using Adwords

In this post I will tell you how you can increase adsesnse earning with the help of adwords. You have heard the name of google adsense. But many people don’t have any idea of working on the adsense. Adword is a PPC campaign programme, which is a product of google. Adsense and adword are totally different things. In adsense you display the ads of google on your website. But in adwords you display your ads on someone else’s website.

  1. When you use adwords, make it sure that the money you are spending on it, you are getting the return of it.

  2. Use long tail keyword in adword. By this way your adsesne earning will increase. Long tail keywords attract the people. On the other hand, short tail keywords cannot get the attention of the people. For example: books for sale. If you write this keyword like “books for sale in half price”, it would be better.

  3. Make proper campaign of ad and write unique title description. When you will write good title description, it will attract a large number of people. The working of adword also depends on these things.

  4. If you are paying to google 2 cents for one click, then in return you should get more than 2 cents, if your ads are clicked by someone else.

  5. If you have a website of online sale, and if your things are not sold because of using the adword, then there is no use of adsense for you.

  6. If your website is not globalized and it is localized or if it is viewed in a specific country, then you should select the same country in adword campaign.

  7. In adword campaign, you have to keep the calculation on the daily basis. So that you may know how much return you are getting.

  8. Adword gives you the benefit of making all kind of ads. For example: text ads, links ads, video ads, image ads.

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