Increased your Blog Organic Traffic 75% in 7 Days

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic means that you get visitors from the search engine free of cost using SEO Techniques. Getting Organic Traffic is not an easy task, if someone tell you techniques of getting Organic Traffic in 1 hour or a day it means that these are 100% Black Hat techniques cause Google personalize you blog although they said no no it is White Hat techniques but it is reality.

Peoples paid thousand of dollar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts for getting Organic Traffic from the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So getting traffic from the search engine is very difficult, it doesn’t mean it is very technical think but it take some time, in some scenarios it may take about an year.  Basically it depend on the keywords you are targeting in your blog. Now let me tell you some easy steps to increase your Organic Traffic in 7 days.

1. Write High Quality Content.

You may be read somewhere that Content is King, content is a essential of any blog, I never tell you write on those keywords which have more search result, I strongly advise you create blog on those topics which you know better and have knowledge on it. If you have good knowledge on Computer then why you create blog on Medical? After selected the topic write to the point on these. Reader do not have a time to read your personal story or dis-related content or a post.

2. Optimize Blog by follow On Page SEO Techniques.  

Optimize your blog using On-Page SEO techniques, properly set your Meta Title and Meta Description Tag. Optimize images with proper ALT tag, use main keywords of your blog in the meta tags. These techniques definitely increase the blog Organic Traffic.

3. Internal Linking.

Internal Linking boost your blog traffic surly. So you want to know what is internal linking? It means link your own post with another post in the same blog or link new post with related to old post. Keyword must be related  to that post which you are going to link.

For Example i link “Best Off-Page SEO Techniques”   with: notice the keyword Off-Page SEO Techniques link with and old off-Page SEO techniques post.

4. Social Book Marking.

Social Bookmarking is another good way to increase your Organic Traffic, whenever you publish a new post the mush share on at least 10 social bookmarking sites which help your post index on the high rank in search engine.

5. Commenting on other relevant Blogs.

By using this Off-Page SEO techniques you can easily increased you blog traffic in a short time, search the related blog and comments on these blog by adding your link in it. If you do not know how to search blog using any keyword? the image given below show you how you can do that.

 Search related blog on google

By using these easy and free techniques you can increased your blog Organic Traffic by 75% in 7 days easily, Have any quires comment below I reply as soon as possible.

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