How To Increase Your Website Traffic By Using Facebok?

Nowadays social media websites are used a lot for increasing the traffic. Social media sites is a good source of increasing the traffic. With the help of social media sites, you can double the traffic of a website. Facebook is one of the the the best social media site, which is used a lot nowadays. Nearly 80% net users use facebook. There are many ways in facebook, by which you can increase your traffic.

Create Your Post

Write a post which attract the user. The title of post should be attractive. It is so because a user first of all sees the post title. Don’t write lengthy post title. Post description should be of 70-100 words. It is because users ignore long descriptions. Use images in the post. Because a post having image attracts the user. Image should be relevant to the post.

Publish Your Post

When you publish a post, make this thing sure that there is no mistake in the post. If you are posting on a page, then make it sure that the post on page is reached to 16-17% people. So try to post as many posts as you can. Join those groups which have many members. By posting in these groups, the traffic of your website will be increased. If you don’t have any page, then you can increase your traffic by joing the group which have many members. For joing a group you have to take permission from admin.

Link Sharing Technique

When you share any link on facebook, then according to the policy of facebook, it reaches to a very small number of audience. According to the policy of facebook page, many people cannot see the direct links. So first of all you should upload an image, add the link on the image. In this way many people can see your image.

Tag Post To Your Friends

If you share a post on your timeline, then only your friends can see this post. But when you tag a post to your friend, then the friends of that friend can also see this post. In this way, the views of your post can increased.

Boost Post (Paid Facebook Traffic)

When you post something on facebook, then it has a boost post at its bottom. By this option you can advertise your post by giving money.


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