How To Increase Google Adsense Earning?

Google adsense is an online advertising programme of google. It provides you ads for your website. Today I will tell you some tips by which you can increase your earning.

Use Google Adsense Search Box

Many blog owners don’t use google adsense box. You should use search box for increasing the earning of adsense. Whatever a user will search from your site, google will give you profit on it.

Never Use Irrelevant Ads

If you want to get good income, you should never use irrelevant ads. Use those ads on which you have your website. Irrelevant ads don’t attract the user and user don’t click on these ads. When you have relevant ads on your website, there is greater chance of clicks on them. For example: if you have website of books, you are displaying electronics ads on it, they will never attract the user. A site related to books, must have ads related to books.

Use Text Ads

While using banner ads, you should use text ads side by side because user also clicks on the text ads. Google allows only three text ads. You can use text ads in between links and text data.

Ads Must Be Visible

Many people commit mistakes on displaying the ads. They display ads at such positions, where user cannot see them. Displaying ads in this way cause less clicks by the users. Try to display ads at such places where user can easily see them. You can also disply ads in between the posts. Never use the word “click here” on the ads. Also don’t use any other word which forces a user to click. It is against the policy of google.

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