Increase Your Blog Traffic by Using 5 Easy Tips

1) Submit the sitemap of website in a popular search engine.

With the help of site map, search engine can read the data of your site very easily. also it becomes very easy for search engine to search any thing. if you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then submit your sitemap in popular search engine. for example google, yahoo, bing.

2) Create quality backlinks.

If you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then create quality backlinks. the taffic of your website can increase very raplidly, by making links on a good page rak site. try to make backlinks on the relevant site, which is according to the topic of your website. your traffic can increase by creating backlinks on a relevant website.

3) Write understanable and standard post.

Make such a post on your blog, which is uderstanable to the user. try to use easy wordings, so that all should understand it. use image or screenshot for explaining anything in the post. images and screenshots are easily understandable.

4) Give answer of comments regularly.

If a user has asked any question from you or has commented, give the answer on regular basis. the user remains interact with your website.

5) Add social network button on your website.

If you add social network button on your website, then user will visit your site through social network site. and the users who are attached with your social media account, they remain familiar with the updates of your website. the traffic of your site increases by social media websites.

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