How To Find Ads For Your Website?

If you are not earning from your website then there is no benefit of your blog. Wherever there is a talk of website earning you will find there the talk of adsense.

But it is very difficult today for new blogs to get access to adsense. Adsesne never favors any site how much you have the traffic. So I will tell you today such tips by which you can earn without adsense.

Increase traffic

If you want to make use of good advertising then increase the traffic of your website. Because people advertise on those sites that have greater traffic. The rank of your website also gets better because of your traffic. Select such keywords that receive more traffic.

Use ‘advertise here’ banner

For attracting the attention of user towards the advertising use the banner of advertise here. The user come to know in this way that you are selling the space of your website and people make contact with you. You should make a page of your website where you have to menion the terms and conditions, rates and monthly packages. Adjust the rate according to the size of banner. Write also how many banners have been sold and how many are available.

Get advertising from social media

You can also get the advertising from the social media if you use it a lot. There are many people who are in search of their business. So share an ad banner on the social media.

Direct advertising sites

There are many sites which provide you the facility of selling the banners. You can sell the space of your site by creating an account on it. You have to tell these sites the monthly traffic. They give account to those sites that have their traffic in millions.

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