What Is Grey Hat SEO ?

Grey hat SEO is more risky than the whitehat SEO. But there is no fear of getting banned of a site in it. You cant use this technique in blackhat SEO.

Some Grey Hat SEO techniques

Buy Old Domains

By buying any old domain and working on it raises the chance of improving the traffic. You don’t have to spend time in raising the ranking of the old domain. Because the links of old domain are already added in the google.

Purchasing Links

By purchasing the links of high ranking websites, you can raise the traffic of your site. On these websites, you can also include the links by guest posting. If these website permit you to add links in comment session, then you can also add the links in the comments

Social Media

You can also increase the traffic of your site by buying the followers on social media. Social media is an important way of increasing the traffic. Many social media sites permit you to add links free of cost

Some Examples Of Grey Hat SEO

  • Publish duplicate links on different sites.
  • Make paidlinks.
  • Use free way linking.


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