PR 9 to PR 0 Do follow Forum Posting Site List You Must Need

Forum Posting is definitely the most ideal technique that might help you increase the page rank of your website and to give you a number of backlinks along with a high traffic. Staying in the league of different websites requires you to maintain your level in the eyes of Google and to work for the page ranks you definitely need backlinks, you may also purchase backlinks but then that purchase may lead to your image shattering in the eyes of Google. Google expects every website to develop backlinks naturally and to do that you need to make the use of different strategies of which Forum Posting is also a choice.

You may get hands to a number of benefits by way of forum posting technique provided that you follow a right strategy in this context. Forum Posting never means starting the task without considering the reputation, page ranks and position of the forum being selected, you must have a complete idea of the forum you have been posting on and must post sensibly. You may come across numerous people who post irrelevantly in forums but that is never going to make you stand on the road of success you must play smartly in this case and post only the things that are relevant rather than posting useless stuff again and again. Forum Posting might at the first glance appear much easy to you but that is simply never the case you need to be much careful in this context and then the benefits you enjoy are definitely worth your care.

Forum Posting Site List

Benefits of Forum Posting

The major benefits of Forum Posting include:

  • You get a chance to make the most of naturally created backlinks rather than the purchased ones.
  • Your website’s rank increases in the search engines as search engines cache forums in a seamless manner.
  • You get a chance to drag several referrals, traffic and leads to your website by way of Forum Posting.

However, you must always make sure that you consider the High PR(Page Rank) forums and to help you out in this we have provided a list below along with their page ranks.

1 9
 2 9 Sba.Gov/Community
3 8
 4 8
 5 8
6 8
 7 8
 8 8
 9 8
10 8
 11 8
 12 7
 13 7
 14 7
 15 7
 16 7
 17 7
 18 7
 19 7
 20 7
 21 7
 22 7
 23 7
24 7
25 7
 26 6
 27 6
 28 6
 29 6
30 6
 31 6
 32 6
 33 6
 34 6
35 6
 36 6
 37 6
 38 6
 39 6
 40 6
 41 6
 42 6
 43 5
 44 5
 45 5
 46 5
 47 5
 48 5
 49 5
 50 4
 51 4
 52 3
 53 3
 54 3
 55 1
 56 1
 57 0
 58 0

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