Five Top Google Adsense Alternatives 2015

Today i will tell you about the alternatives of google adsense. by using them, you can earn a lot of money. if adsense on your website is not approved, then you can use these networks. these networks provide ads in the same way as adsense does.

these are 5 google adsense alternatives

1) Infolinks

Infolinks is a pay per click advertising network, which provides you the ads for your website and blog. infolinks gives your payment by paypal and western union. for getting money from infolinks, you must have atleast 50$.

2) Buysellads

If you want to sell the space of your website, then you can sell it on buysellads suggest the price of the space of your website, according to the traffic of your website. buysellads, pays you twice in a month.

3) Clicksor

Clicksor is an advertising network, which provides you text contextual ads. clicksor gives you the payment by cheque or paypal. for payment request, you must have 50$ dollars.

4) Chitika

It is also an advertising network, just like adsense. it allows you only contextual ads. chitika pays you through paypal, and for getting payment, you must have atleast 10$. if the traffic of your website is good, then you can earn alot from chitika.

5) Textlinkads

It allows to display text ads. TLA pays you throug cheque or paypal. minimum payout is 25$.

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