Five Easy Steps of Increasing The Speed of WordPress Websites or Blogs

I am writing this article because many people on internet ask about the way of increasing the speed of wordpress website. So i am going to inform you about five ways, by which you can minimize page load time.

What is Page Load time?

The time required for opening a website is termed as page load time.  With the help of “web page test” you can calculate the loading time of your website.

How much should be website page loading time?

Fast loading websites                    5.0 to 12.0 Seconds normally
Medium loading websites              12.0 to 18.0 Seconds normally
Slow loading websites                   above 18.0 Seconds normally

If page load time of your website is low, then your search engine ranking will also be better. Visitors also like such websites, which load fast. if your website is slow, then after waiting for few moments, the visitor will leave your website.

Fast Loading Website = Better Search Ranking = Good Income

1. Optimizing Your Images

You can minimize the page load time by optimizing the images. If you have a site, on which you are using text and images side by side, then you should optimize your images. With the help of WP-SmushIt plugin, you can minimize the size of images. Remember this that this plugin only lowers the size of images not the quality.

How you can use this plugin?

  1. Click  Here to download this plugin.
  2. Go to plugin-> addnew, upload it and then activate it.
  3. Now if you add any image in post or page, it will automatically be optimized. you need not to do any work.
  4. The images that are already uploaded on your site, you can optimize them, after going in media library.

smushit plugin

2. Optimize Your Database.

You can also minimize page load time, by optimizing your database. Sometime, there are such plugins or themes, which make custom tables in database. whenever, you delete such kind of plugins or themes, the tables are not deleted in database. Sometimes because of post revision, spam comments, trash post and trash category, the website takes much time in loading.
You can optimize your database with the help of Cpanel. but this way is a little bit risky. you can perform this work easily with the help of WP-Optimize.

How to use WP-optimise plugin?

  1. Click Here to download this plugin.
  2. Go to plugin->addnew, upload and activate this plugin.
  3. After clicking on WP-optimize plugin, in the left menu, you will see this window. whatever you want to optimize, select it, and then click process button. in this way your database will be optimized.

database optimize wordpress

  1. In the Tables Tab, you can check the number of tables and the size of your database.
  2. In the Setting Tab, you can adjust the time, so that your database keeps on optimizing automatically.

NOTE: There are Many Other Plugins With The Help of Which You Can Also Do This.

3. Necessity of Good hosting.

Whenever you develop a website, a question arises in your mind about the choice of hosting. Because, if your hosting is fast, your website will also be loaded fast. You should never host your website on shared hosting, because, whenever the traffic of your website increases, the website gets slow, because of limited is true they write that the bandwitch is unlimited, but in reality, this is not the case so.

If you are running a wordpress websites, then you should use WP-ENGINE or GODADDY VPS (virtual private server). I myself am using GODADDY VPS, and i have not yet faced any problem. if you are running a website from a business point of view, then by using these hosting, you will not face any problem, like bandwitch limit, server downtime etc.

4. CDN( content delivery network ) Is The Best.

In CDN network, servers are placed in different countries. and these servers cache the static files of your website. when a user visits your site, the static files are delivered to him, that are placed in the nearest server. because of this, the load decreases on the main server, where your website is hosted. because of CDN, the speed of your website also increases. If you have a business website, having grater traffic, then you should use this service.

Why CDN service is necessary to use?

Reduces respose time of server.

As your static files are placed in different cdn servers, because of which the load on your main server decreases, and the response time of your server gets minimized.

Saving Hosting Cost.

If your website has greater traffic, then you have to purchase costly hosting. but if you use cdn service, then you can manage the load of your website by shared hosting.


The security of your website gets better because of CDN security. this is so, because no one can trace the main server of your website, because of CDN service. as a result, your website is saved from security threats.

Which  CDN services are the best, which you can use for your website or blog?

You can use either Cloudflare or MaxCDN. Approximately all huge websites use the services of these two websites. I also use cloudflare service because they give you a free package.

How you can setup the cloudflare service on your wordpress website or blog?

5.Turning off Pingbacks/Trackbacks and Minify CSS/JavaScript files.

If you are using many plugins in your website, then in your page there will be many CSS/JavaScript files. It would be better that you should add all CSS files in one CSS file and all  JavaScript files in a single JavaScript file. You can perform this task with the help of Better WordPress Minify plugin very easily.

By turning off trackbacks/ pingbacks, you can increase the speed of wordpress site. You can turn it off by going in Discussion >Setting.


With the help of these five steps, you can increase the speed of wordpress site. There are many other ways, by which you can boost the speed. But these five steps are per-requisites for all wordpress webmaster. So that your website should remain fast and secure. If this article has appealed  you, then do inform us about your view, on facebook or by comment.

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