Easy Way To Find High Paying Keywords For Google Adsense

If you are using google adsense on your blog or website, then, it would be your wish to generate more and more income. sometimes it happens, that the CTR rate of your blog or website is very good, but because having low CPC(Cost Per Click) your earning is very low. For example, if you have 100 clicks in a day, but your earning is upto 4 dollars. it means, the CPC rate of your site is 0.04$ per click. If the CPC rate is 0.50$, then by the same clicks you can earn 50$ per day.

how to increase google adsense earning?

In this article, i will tell you, how you can increase your CPC rate with the help of high paying keywords. there are many tools on internet, by which you can search high paying keywords. but most of the tools are not freely available.

You can search high paying keywords, with the help of google keyword planner tool. google keyword planner is good in a sense, because it is a product of google and you are also usiNG Google Adsense on your website. With the help of this tool, you will come to know how much is the CPC rate of keywords.

Step # 1.  login to Google keyword planner tool.
this tool is available in the  Google adwords, if you have not created account on the Google adwords, create it now, it is available free.

Step # 2.  After signing in, following screen will be displayed.

Google keyword planner tool

3) After placing the cursor on the tools, click on the keyword planner.

Google Keyword planner tool

4) You have to select “search for new keywords and group idea.

search for new keywords

5) In this, select other options after entering the keyword. like Category, Country, Language etc. Then Click “Get Idea” button.

Enter keyword detail

6) After clicking on the keyword idea tab, you will have an idea about the CPC (Cost Per Click) of this keyword, and the CPC (Cost Per Click) rate of similar keywords.

CPC (Cost Per Click) rate of similar keywords

7) After selecting the keywords, Write articles using these keywords, and post them on your website or blog. by this technique, your CPC rate will get increased to a much extent.

Free Gift Tip.

Search only those high paying keywords, whose traffic is also greater, so that your traffic should also get increased side by side your earning.     

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