Earning Daily $100 with Google Adsense and Required Traffic

Earning with Google Adsense is considered to be a difficult choice but this really is not and if you simply plan your task and execute it in a sensible manner you may make a lot of money and end up having a huge share of luxury income.

However, in this league of working in the Google Adsense there are a few terminologies which you must be aware of and need to look after so that you may earn in a perfect manner. A few of these terminologies are provided below:

Earning with Google Adsense

Adsense – Adsense is program that works on the concept of monetization by way of add placement on your website.

Click Through Rate – CTR is the rate over which your website is being clicked based on the individual impressions of the ad.

Cost Per Click – Cost per click is also called being CPC, this is the cost which you earn upon each click in the ad, the niche which are associated with business and financial categories are subjected to enjoy a better CPC.

CPM – CPM is the cost based on the count of 1000 impressions.2

Making $100 via Google Adsense

CTR Earning

The below given calculation is based on the 5 clicks and 500 ad impressions, plus CPC amounts being S0.25; an assumed break up is provided below and these rates are also an assumption of minimum.

If your website receives 5 clicks then as per the given data you will have a CTR of 1%; (5/500*100).

If you now wish to make the $100 per day from your website you need to at least have the 400 clicks in a day and these click will have a CTR of 1 percent. Based on this calculation you must five hundred posts on your blogs so that the search engine grabs more and more traffic and also you get more and more clicks.

CPC Earning

The above given was the CTR earnings, however, there is a separate earning you may enjoy via CPC; this includes the impressions of the ads, for each 1000 ad impressions you may make about $1.5 – $1. So, based on your 400 clicks you must be having about 40,000 page views which mean you may be making around $40 to $60.

Selling Ad Space

Several website owners also sell their ad space and make a huge chunk of earnings by this sale, t3he website with about 40,000 pages is being capable of earning $200 per day which is an impressive earning.

Affiliate Marketing

If your blog deals in offering content associated with a particular niche you may also earn via affiliate marketing and by, this technique you can make about $40 to $80 in a day.

So, considering the minimum of all the amounts and techniques given to help boosting your earning you may make a bit $380 per day which is a perfect kind of earning as this may make you a billionaire some day without a hassle and any just following the right techniques.

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