What is Difference Between Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytic?

This question comes in the mind of many people, what is the difference between google webmaster and google analytic, and where are they used? Though there are about 100 services and tools of google, but they are used by only SEO and web owners. google webmaster tool and google analytic are not same. They is a great difference between them. Webmaster tool gives a comprehensive report of your website. On the other hand, google analytic tool tells you about the traffic of your website. You come to know about the analysis of the traffic of your site with the help of google analytic tool.

What is google webmaster tool?

Webmaster tool tells you that how your site is looked in a search engine. If there arises an issue in your website, google webmaster tool informs you about it. Webmaster tool service is totally free, and you don’t have to pay any fee. If you face any sort of problem in webmaster tool, then you can contact webmaster tool help centre.

What is google analytics?

Google analytics is used to monitor the traffic of website. This is also a free service like google webmaster. With the help of google analytics you come to know about the traffic statictics. You also come to know about the operating system through which a user is visiting, and the type of browser used by him.

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