The Difference Between Google Adsense And

Website owners require ads if they want to earn through their websites. There are many online companies which provide you the ads. But there are only few companies which give good and handsome amount. It is the desire of web owner to use the ads of a good and reputed company. Today I will inform you about adsense and

What is Google Adsense?

Google adsense is a free online advertising programme. With the help of adsnese you can get good income per month. Google adsesne is a product of google and it was launched in 2003. Adssense has CPC and CPM advertising. There is not a big difference between these two. Adsense provides you banners and square ads of all types. In adsesne you can create ad of your own choice. On one page of website, you can display maximum three banners and three texts at a time. For adsesne pay amount, you must have at least 100$ in your account.

Some Disadvantages of Adsense.

  1. You cannot share the interface of your adsense with any of your friend.
  2. You can display only three ads in your adsense. Your account may get closed on displaying more than three ads.
  3. Adsense can ban your account without giving any warning.

What is is an advertising network of yahoo. was launched in 2012. The earning of adsesne is better than the earning of the term and condition of are not very strict. And you don’t face any difficulty in getting the account. gives the account to those sites who have traffic of Europe and Canada. doesn’t allow free server. You can use on the websites where the ads of adsense are displayed. also provides ads of every kind just like adsense.

Disadvantages of

  1. The rates of CPM and RPM are very low.
  2. Earning is never live updated.

Benefits of

  1. The account is approved easily on
  2. The interface of is friendly
  3. net is the partner of Microsoft.
  4. Every thing is given in detail in dash board.

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