Copy and Improve to Win the Competition

You must be wondering after looking at the title that how come one could copy someone and become successful, or at the other instance you must be wondering who shall be copied in the first place! Well, this entire article focuses on the matter of copying your very own competitors but with the improvements. By copying we never mean that you shall go to their website copy each and every content and at the same time each and every picture they have used and place it on your own website.

In reality all you need to so is to just have a look at the way they are doing so and just make improvements and present a better version of their moves, and to do this just follow the three simple things provided below:

  • Link Building for SEO

Link Building for SEO

SEO has no means without the task of link building and it is a fact every individual in the online business is well aware of. However, in this case the task of link building would have been carried out by your competitors as well, all you need to do is to keep an eye how are they making the most of the links. You can make use of two different websites for this task, the first one is the and the other one is the The former allows you to have an insight to the kind of links your competitor is using and the latter helps you making an analysis of the quality of the sites linking. Now, you may select the best ranking sites being linked out of the list and make your website link to those.

  • Watch out the Content

Watch out the Content

Content is the crucial part of every website and focusing on it being a quality oriented one is a key to success. In the same way, look out for the best ranking web pages in the similar niche as yours and have an idea of the kind of information that is being shared on their websites, the style they are using, the formats they are utilizing and what are the tools being offered by them. This way you will be able to build your own content but make sure you offer high quality content in order to offer an improved version.

  • Making the Most of Social Media

Making the Most of Social Media

Social media is these days a king of the entire internet and plays a great role for the success of different websites and online businesses. in the same way, you also need to look if your competitor is making the use of the different social accounts for promoting the websites or the products being sold or not, in case if the competitor is using the strategy you must also make the use and even look into the way they are using so that you may offer a better version.

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