What to Consider WordPress or Blogger?

Creating a website of your own requires a number of resources to be incorporated and in this instance the most important one is the domain that may be required by you. Well, you may find a number of blogging platforms offering to be your choice of domains when it comes to the establishment of your website however, among these the WordPress and Blogger are considered to be the most famous ones. However, as we all know the fact that everything has its pros as well as cons when it comes to the decision making, similar is the case with these two well known blogging platforms. Below we have provided with the details of both the platforms in the form of their pros and cons so that you may easily decide which one to use for your blog.

  • Owning the Blog

When it comes to ownership both the blogs have different policies, whereas in terms of usage and convenience both of them are entirely impressive. When it comes to the WordPress you get a blog that is working under the name of WordPress and the period of use and operation is entirely dependent upon you once you have it registered for yourself. You are at a free will to make the use of the domain as long as you want under the WordPress; however the case of Blogger is different. Blogger is working under the ownership of Google and the term of usage is dependent upon Google only, at any time it may either shut the entire platform down or specifically your blog without considering your wishes to either run it or to stop it.

  • Controlling Your Blog

When it comes to running a blog you definitely need the remote control in your hands with a choice of variations in it. If you are among such people who wish to try out new tools and plug-ins with your blog then WordPress is your choice. WordPress offers you the use of extended tools and varied plug-ins that might be incorporated easily and used as well without a hassle. However, when you use Blogger you get a choice of limited tools and almost no plug-ins for the blog that makes it sometimes a restrictive choice.

Controlling Your Blog

  • Appearance of the Blog

There are number of bloggers who tend to focus a lot on the outlooks and appearance of their blogs and wish to modify it every now and then, however, among them several such bloggers do also exists who wish to keep the appearance of their blogs a simpler one. If you are among those who need some modifications and variations in their blogs, you must go for the WordPress as it provides a choice of different colors, themes and layouts to make your blog look as different and attractive as you want.

However, if you want a simple outlook the Blogger might be an ideal choice as it provided limited layouts, colors and themes and has a simple outlay as compared to the WordPress.

  • Locating your Blog

When you use the WordPress to serve your blogging needs you are at a free will to move your blog to any location and any destination you want. You may shift the host, the domain and even the CMS without a hassle within no time. However, the case in the context of Blogger is vice versa, it is a risk oriented procedure and you may lose a lot of thing that entirely belong to your blog and you have created after a long term hard work, like you visitors, your ranking and also your presence and visibility among the search engines.

  • Security of the Blog

Security is the most crucial concern of everyone when it comes to create a blog and in this case it is a preferred choice to move towards something that is more secure in every aspect as it is a better decision in the long run. As far as the WordPress is concerned you do get a blog under the personal host and that might lack security however, it may be balanced via different security plug-ins yet there is a risk involved. However, Blogger being owned under the name of Google is definitely more secure as its ownership says it all and proves to be a risk free choice.

Security of the Blog

  • Support System for Blog

When you use WordPress, you find yourself in a whole new world and this world offers you a perfect support system working in the best possible way. By WordPress you have a choice to make the use of different chat rooms and online community services that provide you with instant support for any query being placed by you. Whereas the Blogger has a limited support system and is not much quick and instant as the WordPress is.

  • Security of Future

As stated earlier that the Blogger is the development of Google and Google has the right to stop the operation whenever they want which makes it difficult to analyze the future of the Blogger as many services of Google are completely in existent to date. Whereas, the WordPress being a launch of a group of developers seems to have a bright future as there are several improvements and updates since it came into being and with this the accounts and blogs of numerous companies are being held by it so it offers to have a secured future in the context of blogs.

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