Complete List of the Best and Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a platform that is commonly used by most of the bloggers to carry out their online task in the best possible way. However, this WordPress platform is among those that is moving towards the road of success with a lot of innovations and improvements, in this context the role of plugins is definitely an essential one as the plugins helps you make your life and easier one and with that your websites perfect ones.

List of the Best and Must Have WordPress Plugins

There are several WordPress plugins being used on a regular basis and are of significant importance however, the must have ones are being assembled for you in the list below.

Akismet is a tool that helps you get rid of all the spam comments on your website over the WordPress. It is commonly observed that people flood the WordPress websites with a lot of comments of which most are spam and provided a tough time for cleaning, but the Akismet is an amazing plugin that keeps your WordPress clean from all the bogus and spam comments.

BackUps are always important no matter you talk about your phone simply or your website, the website you create on your WordPress is definitely very important to your business and any risk on its part might give you a tough time. Therefore you must make the use of BackUpWordPress plugin that will save all the contents of your WordPress as per your schedule for your benefit.

SEO is something that plays an important role in your website, in the same way WordPress SEO by Yoast is a solution for all the SEO related work of yours on the WordPress account no matter you need to work on the Meta title of you need to work on the title by way of SEO.

The All in One WP Security and Firewall is a complete solution to keep your WordPress secured and protected from all kinds of problems and security concerns. This plugin is an ideal technique to help you save a lot of WP matters.

All in One WP Security and Firewall


BulletProof Security is an ideal solution that helps you keep your website protected against the matters associated with the names of CRLF, XSS, CSRF and several other threats.

  • Stats Stats helps you keep a track of all the visits and referrals that have been made to your website including the clicks so that you may keep a check on all the visitors to your websites.

A perfect kind of treatment for everyone who wishes to boost up the speed of your WordPress, this plugin as compared to all the other cache plugins is the most perfect one that offer a seamless experience.

This plugin provides you keeping a track of your entire list of subscribers who are subscribing your WordPress in order to keep themselves updated. This plugin is a handy one and offers you a perfect experience in the best possible way.

This plugin as its name suggests provides you with the ease of managing as many forms as possible and other than managing them you may simply even mail the forms without a hassle within no time.

WP Contact Forms is also a form related plugin that helps you let your customers to drop their contact details so that you may keep in touch with them.

This plugin keeps you active with your WordPress on the social media as well. This plugin is an ideal solution for you to automatically add all the links associated with your social networks along with all the contents that you keep on posting on your website.

This plugin offers a lot of ease to your visitors as they may very easily share the content anywhere over the internet they want simply by pressing a click in the Share This plugin.

By way of using this plugin on your WordPress, you are at a privilege to make any changes to the sizes, colors, text and all the formatting of the advertisements that are being displayed under Google Adsense.

WordPress content is always associated with the photos in order to make the content interactive and in this case the use of Simple Photo Gallery Plugin will be a perfect choice to help you manage all the photos you have in your WordPress.

This plugin offers to be shopping cart that will help you in making all kinds of sales by way of your WordPress website at nay place you are over the internet. This plugin requires a single click from your end and you may simply make the most of your products.

This plugin keeps you carry out a membership plan that is ideal for your WordPress and by way of this you may restrict your content to the people who are the members of your WordPress site and nobody else.

  • WP Affiliate Platform

This plugin offers a complete solution to all those who wish to run their very own affiliate program by way of WordPress and the payment of commissions for all the referrals made by affiliates is also a piece of cake by this plugin.

By way of using this plugin you may simply make the hassle of sending newsletter and posting notifications without a doubt an easier one.

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