How To Check Duplicate Content In Your Website

Bigger search engines such as Goolge or Bing give preference to sites having unique and authentic content. Today i will tell you how to make a duplicate content, and how to remove it. search engine selects many duplicate content, and brings at the front, which is the best.

Duplicate content can effect your website in a number of ways. duplicate content can effect the ranking of your site. bigger search engines such as google or bing, lower the ranking of a site having duplicate content.

Because of duplicate content, the SEO of your website is also effected. for increasing the ranking of your website. because of duplicate content, your whole hardwork will be wasted away, and the ranking of your site will also decreased.

What is Duplicate Content ?

the same data or post in your website is termed as duplicate content. if two urls of the page of your website are same, then it will also be considered as duplicate content.
How to check duplicate content?

1) you can use the website, to check duplicate content.
2) if you use google webmaster tool, then by it you can also check the duplicat content of your site.
3) you can use screaming frog web crawler, to check duplicate content of your website.

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