SEO Tips

How to Target Specific Country for Better Ranking

Google search engine ranking using target specific country

For whom this article is beneficial ? SEO Experts. Website Owners. Affiliate Marketers. Specially Local Marketers. Many websites are developed in a day. The aim of them is to do online business, either they sell their own products or the products of others. But for promoting their business, they are in need of customers. It does not matter, the customer ...

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How To Check Duplicate Content In Your Website


Bigger search engines such as Goolge or Bing give preference to sites having unique and authentic content. Today i will tell you how to make a duplicate content, and how to remove it. search engine selects many duplicate content, and brings at the front, which is the best. Duplicate content can effect your website in a number of ways. duplicate ...

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How You Can Bring Post of Blog at the First Page of Google

first page google ranking

In this article, i will teach you how can you bring the blog post at the first page of blog. because of first page ranking, the traffic and the sale of your blog will increase. many companies charge 50-200$ for one keyword. but they don’t give you any guarantee that your keyword will rank at the first page. Nowadays, for ...

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Basic SEO Techniques Should You Know


First of all Use traffic traker at the begining, which will inform you about the traffic of your website, and will also inform you about the reffering sites and search engines. it will also inform you about the keywords from where the traffic is coming. Search Engine Friendly Url The meaning of search engine friendly url is that, while designing ...

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