How to Setup and Install Free CDN Service on Your WordPress Site

Install Free CDN Service on Your WordPress Site

In this article, i will tell you about how to boost up the speed of wordpress site, using free CDN service. I will not inform you about CDN, instead i will tell the way of setting up CDN on your site. Read Point # 4  What is CDN and how is it benefecial for your website ? Step # 1  ...

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Five Easy Steps of Increasing The Speed of WordPress Websites or Blogs

Increasing The Speed of Wordpress Websites or Blogs

I am writing this article because many people on internet ask about the way of increasing the speed of wordpress website. So i am going to inform you about five ways, by which you can minimize page load time. What is Page Load time? The time required for opening a website is termed as page load time.  With the help ...

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A Short Introduction of Google Adsense

google adsense introduction

There is hardly a region on this earth, where internet is unavailable. and hardly is any user, who is unaware of google adsense. the most famous search engine on internet is google. from the very beginning, google search engine brought a uniqueness and revolution in the things available on the internet. goole introduced the option of searching side by side ...

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Restricting a Writer to Post a Specific Category in WordPress


If you are running a blog of wordpress, in which one or more than one user work, and you want the reader to restrict him, to post in a specific category, then you can perform this function by using a plugin, RESTRICT AUTHOR POSTING. The way of activating and using this plugin is given below: 1. For downloading this plugin, ...

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What is a Blogger ? What Ways Can be Used For Earning Through Blogger ?

what is blogger

People earn hundreds and thousands of dollars through blogging. if you want to earn through blogging, then you should be familiar with the blogging, blogger is a free Google service, by which you can create free Blogs.  no technical skill is required for this. you must have a G-mail account, if you want to earn through blogging. You can share ...

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