Best WordPress Plugins In 2015


WordPress plugins are the backbone of blogs. With the help of wordpress plugins, you can add functions of your choice. Plugins are very useful in your daily works. Just as there is SEO plugin, by which you can easily perform the setting of SEO. With the help of wordpress plugin, you can solve the problems of statistics and wordpress security. ...

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Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugins For Better Ranking

Top 5 Best Wordpress SEO plugins For Better Ranking

If you are running a wordpress website, then without the SEO plugin’s, you cannot improve SEO of your site. There are many free SEO plugins in the market. By using them, you can improve the ranking of you website. I will inform you about 5 SEO out of these. By them, you can easily do the SEO. When I started ...

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How To Auto Share Blog Posts on Facebook and Other Social Network Sites?


After writing our blog posts, we share it on different social networks. Much time is wasted in sharing it. Today I will tell you some tools, by which you can easily share your blog post on social sites. These are some tools: Hootsuite It is not only an auto poster, but on it you can also perform tasks like scheduling ...

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Advantages of Track Visitors of your Blog


It is very necessary to track the visitors of a blog. Tracker tells you the number of new people who have visited your website and how many people have visited your site once again. It also informs you the amount of time a user has spent on your site. Benefits of tracking a visitor It informs you that from which ...

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Increase Your Blog Traffic by Using 5 Easy Tips


1) Submit the sitemap of website in a popular search engine. With the help of site map, search engine can read the data of your site very easily. also it becomes very easy for search engine to search any thing. if you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then submit your sitemap in popular search engine. for example ...

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Easy Step To Export or Import Your Blogger Backup


Most of the people are unaware of making the backup of blogger data. because of this, they have fear of losing the data. blogger gives you the option of backup, by which you can save your data. in case you lose your data, you can reuse this data in hour of need. you can  use this data in your other ...

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An Easy Way to Hide and Remove Blogger Navigation Bar


In this post, i will tell you the way of hiding and removing the blogger navigation bar. there are many features of a blogger, some are very good but few are not liked by people. because of blogger navigation bar, you need not to worry. you can remove it by putting a single code in template. Step 1: Go to ...

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