How You Can Get Free USA Traffic on Your Blog/Website

Getting visitors from USA is dream of every web owner. Reason behind this is because traffic from USA paid high CPC rate then else, there are too many factors of getting high CPC (Cost Per Click) rate however in the article I want discuss how you can get free traffic from USA and increase your CPC rate, Higher CPC means you earn more income. How CPC effects on you income is describe below.

If you get 100 clicks daily and your CPC rate is 0.05 then your earning is 100*0.05 = 5$.
If you get 100 clicks daily and your CPC rate is 0.40 the earning is   100*0.40 =    40 $.

Get USA Traffic on Your Blog/Website

Now you better understand how CPC rate is effected on your earning. So below i discuss some importance points to get USA traffic towards your

1. Use those keywords in your blog/website which are mostly search in USA. that would help you to get traffic from US.

2. If you have a blog/website that hosted in USA server plus your domain extension is .us is good for getting US visitors.

3. Never ignore On-Page SEO, apply properly On-Page SEO techniques like meta tags, image optimization, heading tags etc Note (Use only US base keywords for getting the result. )

4. Webmaster tool have cool option to target any Countries. You can select any Country by going to “International Targeting” from the webmaster Tool.


5.  Google Trends is also a good option to get knowledge about trends going on in any Countries, find the trends and write article on those topics is definitely increase your traffic/visitors.

6. Social Media play importance rote to get traffic from target source. You can create facebook page and get likes from USA then share whatever you would like. Some social media experts get ton of visitors from social media easily.

7. Create back links on US based website, blog, directories and social bookmarking sites help in getting traffic from US.

So i discuss almost every factors involving to get visitor from USA, may be some more factors involving too but you must keep in your mind you do not adopt any Black-Hat tricks to getting visitors because your website/blog will get in span by the Google. Hope this post help you to get more traffic to your site/blog.

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