How You Can Bring Post of Blog at the First Page of Google

In this article, i will teach you how can you bring the blog post at the first page of blog. because of first page ranking, the traffic and the sale of your blog will increase. many companies charge 50-200$ for one keyword. but they don’t give you any guarantee that your keyword will rank at the first page. Nowadays, for success in online business, it is necessary that the traffic of  your website should be greater. There are main three sources of getting traffic in internet world.

1) Get traffic Through Advertisement    ( paid )
2) Get traffic through Internet Marketing (Social or Email)  ( free )
3) Get traffic through Search Engine using SEO  ( free )

In this article, i will tell how you can get the traffic through search engine, free of cost. One thing should be kept in mind, you can not get traffic through SEO overnight. For bringing any keyword at the first page you have to wait for 2-4 months, in case your keyword is of low competition. for this, you need not to invest money, but you need to invest time.

get first page google ranking

Step # 1  Research Low Competition Keywords.

You should search low competition with high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords, either you are internet marketer, or you want to earn by Google adsense. But if you want to do SEO projects or want to increase the traffic of websites, then search low competition with low CPC keywords. because of these keywords, you will achieve your target in a very short period.

 Research keywords using “Google keyword planner” tool.

Because of this tool, you can easily search low competition keyword.

google keywords planner

Research Keywords using Google Search.

You can also search low competition keywords with the help of Google search. This method is familiar to very few people. whichever keyword you want to search, type that keyword in the Google search in double quote. For example, if you want to search keyword, make money online through PPC, then type it in this way, “make money online through PPC“. If search result is lower than 50,000 queries, then by using this keyword in your website, blog or article, you can get the Google first page ranking.

search quries in google


Step # 2  Use Keyword in Meta Title.

In On-Page SEO, meta title is given a great importance. you should use the keyword in your meta title, of which you want to get the ranking.

Step # 3 Use Keyword in Meta Description.

Use the keyword in meta description also. if you will write good description, the CTR (click through rate) of your website will also increase. you should write the description for users, not for the search engine.

Step # 4 Use Keyword in Your Content.

You should write an article on the keyword, on which you want to get ranking. and you should post it on your website. One thing should be remembered, the density of that keyword should be less than 3% .

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the percentage of time a keyword or phrase use in article compared to the total number of words. If your article consists of 100 words, then you can use the keyword just for 3 times. and if it consists of 200 words, than you can use it only for 6 times, and so on.

Step # 5 Making Relevant Backlinks using Keyword.

After all these steps, you should make backlink using the keyword. For backlinks, you can use any way. But one thing which i am telling again and again is that backlinks should be made on the relevant websites. because google doesn’t count the number of keywords, but the quality of keywords.

Secret Tip:

You should make 5-15 backlinks in a day. If you will make many backlinks in a day, you will be personalized. and you will never ever getting ranking on that keyword. that’s why whoever does the job of SEO, or is a web owner, he should take all these steps in consideration.


By these steps, you will easily achieve your targets. by using these steps, i have brought many keywords at the first page. If you face any problem, than you can share your views with us through Facebook or using Comments.

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