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What is a Blogger ? What Ways Can be Used For Earning Through Blogger ?

People earn hundreds and thousands of dollars through blogging. if you want to earn through blogging, then you should be familiar with the blogging, blogger is a free Google service, by which you can create free Blogs.  no technical skill is required for this. you must have a G-mail account, if you want to earn through blogging.

You can share your data freely through blogger,  you can publish your articles through blogging and you can tell the world about your views. You can create any blog of your choice. you can create a blog on your bioggraphy or you can create a blog on any of your project. People can comment on your blog as well as write their views about your blog. for blogging you can use any language of the world.

The name of blogger is not like a WEBSITE but its different for example .blogspot.com. but if you want to change this domain you can change it to .com after  purchasing it. .com domain can be purchased easily against round about 10$.

What Ways Can be Used For Earning Through Blogger ? Do you want to earn through blogging?

If you want to earn through blogging, then its a very good platform, by which you can earn thousands of dollars within a month, working as a full time or part time. there are many blogs that are available nowadays on the internet, by which people have earned thousands of dollars.  below are given five most famous blogs, through which people have earned alot as per their wish.

1. huffingtonpost.com             $2,330,000  Monthly Earnings
2. Mashable.com                     $560,000     Monthly Earnings
3. Perezhilton.com                   $450,000     Monthly Earnings
4. Techcrunch.com                  $400,000     Monthly Earnings
5. Smashingmagazine.com      $190,000     Monthly Earnings

Blogger is such a free google service by which you can start earning without investing anything. in this artilce i will tell you five very important ways, which will guide you how to use any blog? and how to earn through blogs?

1. Google Adsense.

Google adsense is a free advertising service of google. By displaying the advertisements of this service on your blog, you can gnerate a very sound and good income. After displaying those ads on your blog, if a visitor visits your blog ang click on any ad, you will earn money.


2.  Affiliate  Marketing

By using affiliate marketing program you can also generate a good income. advertising someone else’s product on your own blog is termed as affiliate marketing. you will get money only in a case if a product is saled from your referrial link. for example if you advertise a product having a cost price of 50$, and this product is saled from you refferal link, then you will receive 10% commision on it. there are many companies on the internet, who can give you a commission ranging from 10% to 90%. following are 5 famous companies, who sale their products on internet.

3. Private Ad

You can also earn through your blog by using private  ad. you can sell the space of your blog also. You can display different banners on your blog, by which people can make a contact with you for purchasing a particular banner.

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