What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO (search engine optimization) is used to increase the traffic of the site. It helps in improving the page rank of your site.

There are 2 techniques of SEO:


1) White hat SEO.

It is a legal way of SEO. It is easily acceptable for the search engine. We raise the ranking of website by it in a legal way. Your website does not get personalized because of White hat SEO. You don’t use any illegal software or any bot. in white hat SEO,you do the SEO on related keywords.

2) Black Hat SEO.

It is such a technique, which the search engine doesn’t accept. And the search engine personalizes your site. This technique works only till the search engine is unable to search your site. By using Black Hat SEO, the ranking of your site comes higher for the time being. And when your site is detected by search engine, the traffic gets very low then. Black Hat SEO is very harmful for your site, so you should avoid using it.

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