Better Ways For Doing Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very fast way for making backlinks. By using keywords in anchor text, you can also make backlinks. You will find many blogs, on which comments are auto approved. That’s why making backlinks from blog commenting is not a hard task. But many users and SEO experts make such mistakes in blog commenting, because of which the ranking of their keyword doesn’t get better.

While doing blog commenting take care of these things:

1. Always comment on the relevant blogs.

2. Use one URL on a single blog. If you want to comment once again on the same blog, then either change the URL or the keyword.

3. In a day, the range of your comments should be 5-15. It is so that your website shouldn’t get personalized.

Keeping in view these 3 steps, if you will comment, then the ranking of your site will get better and also your site will not be personalized.

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